Tips To Know the Status Of the Belkin Range Extender With LED Lights

The Belkin range extender is a wall mount device that connects with the existing router to advance the signal. The signal strength is compelling as it is spread over 5000 square feet. Thereby, destroying the wifi dead zones. The extender is apt to render a speed of around 300 MBps. Works easily with the router having N and G wifi communication standards. Easy to install the extender with an inbuilt wall mounting feature in this device. Therefore, saves the extra hardware costs to install wherever you want. You can set up the device using a laptop. Mobile device or tablet. The small and compact design enables you to fix and enjoy a seamless internet connection without any restrictions. 

Experience video streaming and gaming without any hassle. Even the small design extender comes with great security of 256 bit WPA/WPA2 encryption as well as 64/128 bit WEP encryption. The 2.4 GHz single band repeater runs easily with a PC having 512 MB of ram and a 1.8 GHz CPU processor. Therefore, there is no need for a high end computer to enjoy the wifi. Now we tell you the tips to know the status of the extender by LED lights.

Know the Status Of the Belkin range extender

Knowing the LED light on the Belkin extender will help you to position it. Also, you can easily complete the Belkin wifi extender n300 setup by judging the font lights. Therefore, it is important to know what the repeater is indicating just by viewing the different colors. The indicator is at the top front beside the Belkin logo. Here are the different lights.

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If the LED light is illuminating blue, it means the extender is initiating. But when it swaps into the solid blue, the extender is successfully connected to the wireless network. 

Orange LED Light

However, if the LED light is illuminating orange, it indicates the extender is not connected to the wireless network. In that situation, try to move the router or extender closer and connect it again. You can also unplug the extender and attach it to the socket again after staying for around 1 minute. But when it swaps into the hard orange, the extender is successfully connected to the wireless network and it is getting a poor signal. In other words, the solid orange color shows that the connection between the modem and the router has been established but the modem is not getting connected to the internet server. You can affirm it by visiting the ISP websites from the default browser and assure settings are correct. 

Nevertheless, the alternating blue and orange LED light indicates that the extender is ready for setup. To fix the blinking issue of the Belkin extender, it is recommended to complete the setup. Now we tell you the steps to download and update the firmware for the Belkin wifi extender 

Belkin range extender Firmware Update

Download the firmware first for the Belkin extender. To download, visit the Belkin official website. Type the model number in the hunt box and hit enter. Now pick the extender from the search result. Now on the product support page, look for the download button. Hit that button to download it. Spot the location where you wish to download it. 

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Now visit the Belkin IP address on the web address of the browser and log in with details such as a password. Click firmware update and then browse the file where you had downloaded the firmware on your PC. Pick the file and hit OK to update the firmware. Wait for some time until the update is completed. After the update, the Belkin range extender was rebooted by itself. By this way, you can complete the Belkin firmware update.


Purchased this extender two months ago, and it is working very well. The small and compact design enables fixing and enjoying a seamless internet connection without any restrictions. Installation is very simple. Just plug into the wall socket and start experiencing a seamless internet connection. The safety of the repeater is also very fine. It comes with significant security of 256 bit WPA/WPA2 encryption as well as 64/128 bit WEP encryption. Although, a good experience while using this extender at this price as compared to the others. I must commend the users looking to purchase this, to try it once.

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