7 Fonts to Give your Packaging a Futuristic Feel

Custom-printed cardboard boxes are usually manufactured with recycled paper, and these boxes can also be recycled. Ergo, these boxes are totally eco-friendly and sustainable, and customers can Futuristic Feel safe buying them. When it comes to designing the custom boxes, you wish to include all your branding and marketing material on them. 

Designing custom-printed cardboard boxes should be done in a way that it becomes eye-catching for customers. In this article, you will get to know about the seven best fonts that will give your packaging a futuristic look. For business in the technology sector, a brand trying to build up its reputation, mainly for smart gadgets, these fonts can be perfect. 

A few of these fonts are complimentary for both commercial and personal use, although other fonts require the permission of the artist to use for commercial purposes. 

  1. Blanka

Blanka is a minimalist and innovative font that was designed by Emmeran Richard. This font is perfect for you if you are a graphic designer just because of its attractiveness, stylish and fancy look. It is the first futuristic font that Emmeran Richard created as a graphic designer. The minimalistic and atypical aesthetic of this font is designed by missing the parts of its letterforms. The interesting thing about this font is that it is totally free for both commercial and personal use. 

  1. Elianto

Emanuele Papale designed this font (elianto). It is a sans-serif font and is created in contemporary design. Elianto font is a simple, innovative, and sophisticated font. Furthermore, you can use this font to design your packaging, and you will be very pleased if you try this font for designing your packaging. 

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This font basically uses geometrical shapes so it can give a minimalist and futuristic look to your packaging. Consider, for example, the letter ‘A’ turns into a triangle, and an extra dot is inserted in the letter ‘O’. This groundbreaking and exceptional font has no other organic lines, and every letter is straight or in geometrical shape. Just similar to Blanka, Elianto font is also free for both commercial and personal use. 

  1. Ailerons

A Brazilian designer Adilson Gonzales was inspired by the aircraft models of the 1940s, and due to his inspiration, he created and shared ailerons font. It is a Neo-Grotesque sans-serif and innovative font with a clean typeface and high letterforms. By using this font, you will definitely get a premium and innovative Futuristic Feel. 

These long and tall letterforms will take up more space, thus making your packaging looks filled, especially if you have packaging which stands taller. You can take advantage of Ailerons free for personal use only, but for commercial use, you have to ask for the permission of the artist.

  1. Exan-3

Exan-3 is a monospaced typeface font that is designed and shared by Jon Carlos, and this font will give your custom packaging an intelligent and bright look. It can also give a futuristic feel as it is created by the blend of both curved and straight lines, additionally using both angular and rounded corners.

This font is becoming more and more wide hour by hour because of its monospaced design. Furthermore, this font is becoming an ideal and perfect choice for designing packages. Similar to Blanka and Elianto fonts, Exan-3 is also free for both personal and commercial use. 

  1. Stellar 

As compared to other fonts, which attain a futuristic aesthetic through a mixture of clarity and simplicity, Stellar font is relatively minimalistic. The stellar font is designed by Mathieu Desjardins and is a condensed sans-serif font along with a taller x-height which gives it personality and clarity. It is available in four weights and can be used in almost 33 languages. This font is also free to use for commercial and personal purposes. 

  1. Riviera 

Riviera fonts also have geometrical properties and organic curves, and this font was created and shared by Johann Darcel. Riviera font is somewhat more creatively designed than the other fonts, and it contains heavy strokes along with unique lines which form a mixture of sci-fi and retro aesthetics. Riviera font is free to use for both commercial and personal purposes. 

  1. Dual

Charles Daoud created Dual font after getting inspired by the other fonts like Proxima Nova, Gotham and Neue Haas etc. It gives an experimental feeling with straight lines and 90-degree angles. The Sans-serif and geometric design of this font make it complex and minimalistic at the same moment. Thus font also supports many languages for North and South America and some parts of Europe. 

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Dual-300 font is free to use for commercial and personal purposes, but the other weights can be used after paying. You can design your custom-printed cardboard boxes by using the above fonts as they can give your packaging a futuristic, attractive, and unique look.

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