Amazing Tips To Extend the Rockspace Internet Repeater Signal

The Rockspace internet repeater is a small and compact device that arrives with two high gain external antennas. The antennas are apt to render a range of around 2640 square feet. It delivers the best performance whether it is installed inside or outside of your home or offices. The internet repeater eliminates the dead zones and gives the best surfing experience. A dual-band internet repeater delivers a speed of around 300 MBps with 2.4 GHz and 867 MBps with 5 GHz frequency. However, the range and the speed depend upon the place where you had installed the device. If you are not getting enough range, then there are ethernet ports. 

You can use the ports to get a stable and speedy internet connection using the ethernet wire. Also, connect gaming consoles, smart TV, desktops, Printer, and many more devices using ethernet ports. The Rockspace repeater runs with nearly all sorts of routers available in the market. You can stream gaming and watch 4K videos without any interruption. Alexa compatible repeater offers you control just by giving voice commands. Now, we’re gonna tell you the solutions to extend the internet repeater signal if it is poor.

Problems While Extending the Rockspace Internet Repeater Signal? Solutions

Mainly two problems arise if the repeater is not extending. Check the LED light on the front of the repeater, whether it is red, blue, or other bright colors. If the light is not indicating, it shows that there is a failure in matching. This may be the first problem. The other problem may be you are not apt to find the rich signal after extending. The below solutions may help you to boost or fix the poor signal problem.

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Check the Connections and Positions Viewing The LED lights

Try to position your router near to the repeater or vice versa, if possible. When the repeater is showing the blue light, it means you will get the best internet connection, and the rockspace wifi extender setup is perfect. It should not be in an off condition. However, if the signal light is red, then the signal is poor and you have to reposition the repeater or router again. Set the SSID in letter and numbers combinations for both routers as well as a repeater. Affirm that the superior signal is powered on or not hidden.

Check that the encryption mode of the repeater is set to WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, or other modes with that repeater is compatible. If the superior signal is set to WEP, change it. Try to log in with a web interface to check whether the MAC filter or blacklist is blocking the device. Assure that the passphrase on the router you are entering is accurate. Modify the signal name as well as the passphrase. If none of the above solutions works, then try to reset the repeater. 

Reset The Rockspace Internet Repeater

To restore the settings of the repeater, thumb down the reset button on the repeater with force  when the PWR LED is in a solid state. The reset button should be pushed using a pen or pencil type sharp thin equipment. When the PWR LED is in hard, it means the repeater has been reset successfully and is in ON condition. But if the PWR LED is blinking or off, then it means the device is booting or powered off respectively. You can also contact the customer team support by visiting by sending the email to the address techsupport@ with the model number, serial number, and other information. 

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Do not freight to purchase this repeater. I purchased this repeater in a flash sale. I installed it in my sister’s room with a TPLink router which is upstairs. For more than two years, she has been using this extender and loves it. Amazon Prime, Netflix, or other streaming platforms run smoothly. The signal is very best and delivers amazing speed. Easy to uninstall as it has an LED indicator on the front that shows the signal strength. It took around five to seven minutes to install. It has ethernet ports too where you can attach gaming consoles, smart TV, desktops, Printer, and many more devices using ethernet ports to experience the rich features of the repeater. Overall, a perfect repeater that can be purchased at the pricing of around 39 dollars. I must commend users looking to purchase this device to go after without any freight.

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