How to keep the device secure during the security application error?

Keeping the device secure is essential to prevent hacking or any data loss. Several tools are available to secure the device from malware. Earlier, antivirus was used to remove viruses only. Today, antivirus (anti-malware) provides various tools like firewall, virus removal, ransomware protection, VPN, browser protection, etc. Using these tools helps in improving security. But when your security application faces an error, malware can easily enter the system. You must fix the security application immediately.

Restart the device

Your application can show issues when it faces any runtime error. To fix the runtime error, you can directly restart the device. These errors mainly appear when a few services stop working. When you restart the PC, all the services start from the beginning. Restart the PC and open the antivirus. Click on the Scan option and check for the error.

Don’t access the public network

If your device is not secured from a firewall then never use the public network. Whenever your antivirus stops working, switch to the private network. Public networks are unsecured and anyone can access them. Many hackers use public networks to attack others’ devices. Always use a secure private network to access the internet. With a secure network, hackers can’t find you or steal your data.

Undo recent changes

Few people get Norton error 8504 104 after they made some changes to the system. The user may have edited the wrong settings which are restricting your antivirus. Your error can get resolved by undoing those changes. Open the settings page and try to undo your recent changes. Edit the pages when you remember the previous settings. When you don’t know the correct settings, use the restore tool. You can try the Windows restoring tool when you have the correct restoring point. Go to the printer and then open the restore tool. Enter the correct point and run the tool. The changes will get restored and then you can try to run the antivirus.

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Use only one antivirus

Devices can show antivirus errors when you are trying to use multiple antivirus programs. When a virus appears, both security applications will try to detect it and start conflicting issues. To prevent this error, use only one antivirus on the device. Go to the Apps tab and check the applications list. Check the installed antivirus on the device. Keep only one antivirus and remove all other security applications from the PC. Also, remove expired antivirus from the device. Restart the device and use one antivirus to scan and protect your device.

Repair the registry files

Error in registry files can cause issues with the antivirus. When the registry files stop working, the antivirus can’t find the correct path. To fix these files, use the registry editor. Before editing, get the backup keys and then make changes. Use Regedit to open your registry editor. Now check for the corrected keys and copy them. Save those files with the .reg extension. After creating a backup, start editing your files. Edit the files only when you know the steps. Otherwise, ask any professional for help.

Remove junk from the PC

Security tools can face errors due to junk on the PC. The junk-like program files do not cause any harm to the system. But when they have lots of junk, these files may start interrupting other functions or applications on the PC. Remove all the junk from your computer. Open the computer and start searching temp files and other junk. The user can also run the cleanmgr tool on Windows to find the junk. This tool will list out all the junk. Choose the files to delete and hit the OK button. All the junk from your PC will be removed. Restart the system and try to use the antivirus.

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Remove recently installed application

Antivirus may stop working due to malicious applications. If you have recently installed any third-party application then remove it. Your application may be carrying malware. Whenever the antivirus tries to scan the device, your application starts showing the error. Open the Apps folder and tap on the recently installed application. Uninstall it and then remove all its files. Run a malware scan to remove all malware associated with the program. In case the malware program files are not working then reinstall it. Remove the security app and then reinstall it on the PC immediately. 

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