We Can’t Get Enough Of Rustic Wedding Cakes

More and more soon-to-be brides and grooms are opting for natural, gorgeous weddings that are as seamless as their love. Rustic weddings have become a popular trend in the wedding business, with couples clamoring for organic accents and subtle elegance. “The rustic wedding cake movement is fairly broad,” explains wedding cake bakers, “from entirely covered with a rustic or textured finish to completely exposed with cake icing confined solely within the layers.”

The in-between semi-naked has been the most popular for The Cake. Only a few of the cake layers may be seen through a thin coating of icing.” Rustic wedding cakes are the country-inspired confections of choice, with berries, blossoms, and other nature-inspired elements that have guests clamoring for a slice. 

Stunning greenery, twigs and twine, and faux-bois icing designs are just some of the wood components and natural touches that embellish these modest pleasures, but there are many more. I love fruit, especially figs and pears. Doesn’t it sound deliciously dreamy? I believe the simplicity of the cakes, as well as the fact that they are on the opposite end of the scale from a ‘typical’ cake, appeals to many couples. You can get Cake Delivery Online and make the wedding more special by having a rustic cake.

We’ve compiled a list of rustic wedding cake ideas that are ideal for your laid-back wedding day!!!

Fresh Flowers on a Naked Wedding Cake:

Sprinkle & Dash’s country-chic, the semi-naked wedding cake is bursting at the seams with pastel-hued flowers and greenery. The beautiful floral touch elevates the scarcely adorned cake’s homemade appearance. “Rustic does not imply shoddy workmanship”. Naked cakes look their best when they’re perfectly straight on the sides and on top. In a naked cake, there’s nothing to hide.”

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Wedding Cake with Vines Wrapped Around It:

Three-tiered wedding cake, covered with wood vines and blossoms, exudes a natural wildness. The crowns of wildflowers that wind around each layer appear to have been plucked from the hair of a forest fairy. Look no further than this freshly foraged beauty for some enchanting forest wedding inspiration.

White Wedding Cake with Buttercream:

Cakes give a typical three-tiered white wedding cake a domestic twist with gentle horizontal texture. Large blush-toned blossoms, ferns, and ivory roses were strewn around the delectable piece for extra femininity. A rough tree trunk fashioned into a cake stand provided some much-needed contrast to the sweet display.

Black Wedding Cake with Four Tiers:

These somber, dramatic tones are sure to make a statement. Four-tiered black wedding cake is covered with rich fall foliage and gloomy crimson. Despite its shockingly somber tones, we’re enamored with the freshness that this masterwork exudes.

Wedding Cake with Naked Chocolate:

What’s a woodland celebration without a delectable confection? The unadorned layers of chocolate wedding cake resemble the genuine wooden tree stump on which it is displayed. This rustic cake, dusted with powdered sugar and sprouting with natural buds, looks as though it emerged from the forest floor.

White Wedding Cake with Two Tiers:

With the addition of contrasting textures, a simple two-tiered white wedding cake is given a rustic makeover. This dish is elevated to rustic heights by a laid-back icing method, a smooth wooden base, and an ivy halo. The earthy color scheme that results has a beautiful organic beauty to it.

White Wedding Cake with Flowers and Greenery on Three Tiers:

These shades! classic wedding cake is given a rustic makeover with eucalyptus sprigs and pastel pink roses, creating a bright color scheme. Make a cake table out of a barrel and add tea lights to complete the look.

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Buttercream Wedding Cake with Pinecones and Decorative Flowers:

Three-tiered white wedding cake is topped with textured stucco frosting. A sprinkling of beautiful rose and dahlia blooms adds a fresh floral touch. But what’s the real show-stopper? Each layer was topped with tiny pinecones.

Fresh Flowers on a Single-Tier Wedding Cake:

With rustically textured buttercream, any wedding cake may be transformed into a country masterpiece. Single-tiered wedding cake is placed on a wooden circle for a country-chic ambiance. With a fresh-picked posy on top, you’ve got yourself a lovely dessert.

Greenery-Strewn Four-Tier Wedding Cake:

This natural color scheme has us completely smitten. The Cake & I’s a lightly frosted white wedding and Anniversary Cake features beautiful ivory with hints of the sponge’s natural warm browns. The lovely design of rich greenery and the ashy base of the wooden barrel. You can order cake online and enjoy it with guests.

Flowers on a Nearly Naked Wedding Cake:

A frosty effect can be achieved with a thinly iced white wedding cake. The fresh look is enhanced by pale petals and powdery foliage. To stabilize the design and add some contrast to the otherwise faded palette, it’s placed on a rich hardwood base.

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