Kedarkantha Trek-Directions and Distances

Kedarkantha Trek-Directions and Distances

Kedarkantha is a well-known winter hike that can be considered the “Emperor of the Winter Walk”. It is popular with mountaineers in winter because of the snow that reaches the ankles, the wonderful view from the top, and the easy-to-walk promenade. Kedarkantha is a low level hike suitable for beginners and families. A brief trail follows between the dense pine trees of Govind National Park. The view from 12,500 feet is worth the investment. There are many ways to get from Delhi to Kedarkanta by bus or plane. After all, it doesn’t matter which route you choose or which transportation you use. Every trip has its own charm. I’m going to Kedarkantha, so I’ll ride the saddle and wrap my bag. The capital of India is listed as a starting point to start the classification.

Train trip

It’s the most convenient way to get to Kedarkantha from Delhi, as well as by train. Riding the train through the valley to Kedarkantha is a great experience. No special train station has been built in Kedarkantha. Instead, you stop at another fascinating tourist destination called Rishikesh. The distance between Rishikesh and Kedarkantha is about 105km. You can take a taxi or bus from Rishikesh to Kedarkanta. Travel occupies your precious day. But once you get there, it’s all worth it.

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Cross along the road

You can reach Kedarkantha by land by choosing from several options. The road distance between Kedarkantha and Delhi is about 452km.

There is a direct bus between Delhi and Dehradun. This bus runs between Delhi’s main bus terminal and Dehradun main terminal. When you arrive in Dehradun, take another bus with direct access to Sankri. This trip by bus can take up to 10 hours. Local taxis or buses are available from Sankri to Kedarkantha.

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You can choose a trip that has been extended to 2 days. And it may be much more expensive than getting on a bus. However, this is not the most recommended option as it can be very tired to anyone, especially when trekking in Uttarakhand.

However, it is better to take a bus from Delhi to Kedarkantha. Of course, you can take a local taxi from Dehradun to Kedarkantha. Upon arrival, you can settle in the hotel and arrange a long trip.

Air transport

The flight from Kedarkantha to Delhi is about 300 km, and the easiest way to get from Delhi to Kedarkantha is to take a direct flight from Delhi Airport to Jolie Grant Airport in Dehradun. Upon arriving at Joli Gland Airport, you can choose a taxi with direct access to Kedarkantha. Choose the most profitable or labor-intensive one. Also, if you are traveling with your family, you prefer a taxi, but passengers have no problem using the bus. You can choose among many flights along the route while saving considerable cost. It is better to leave early in the morning than to go out late in the evening. Upon arriving at Jolie Gland Airport after midnight, you will soon find your way to Kedarkantha. Also read the Delta Customer Service Phone Number.

From Dehradun

After arriving in Dehradun, you need to start your trip to Sankri. First, the distance between Dehradun and Sankri must be closed on a road of about 220 km. The trip takes about 7-8 hours. As Kedarkant grows in popularity, you can take a taxi or city bus to the town.

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Since Sunshine is the starting point of the road, there will be many climbers until they come to the village. Walk about 10 km from Sankri to reach the summit of Kedarkantha. On the way to normal, you will need to camp once or twice, depending on the distance traveled during the day. Follow the winding road that crosses the forests and meadows to reach Kedarkantha base camp. From there you have to climb uphill for a few hours before reaching the summit.

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