Billionaire B – “She Want to” and “No1 Drug”

After releasing his "Where Have You Been" single, Detroit rap-star Billionaire has released his "She Wanna" single, a more melodic track off of his upcoming EP.

After releasing his “Where Have You Been” single, Detroit rap-star Billionaire has released his “She Wanna” single, a more melodic track off of his upcoming EP. The single comes just as Billionaire is gearing up for a mini-tour that will take him to major cities. Check out the visual below, and get excited for more music from this talented rapper. Read more Billionaire B

We’re looking forward to his forthcoming EP!

“No1 Drug” is Billionaire B’s latest single, which features Cory Jones and Coach Joey. It features “Cap 1” and “No1 Drug.” In the visual, Billionaire blows off pressure and steam, and waxes lyrically about his life and upbringing.

In the visual, Billionaire B does everything he does best. In the video, he is seen doing things he loves. Currently, he’s working on a solo album about his life. For now, Billionaire is concentrating on the project. We wish him the best of luck with his upcoming tour!

After a brief hiatus, Billionaire B has returned with a new song called “4 AM in Yaletown.”

The track is a collaboration between the two artists and is set to be the lead single off his upcoming YALETOWN album. The single is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. For a preview, check out the video below.

In the video, Billionaire B is a Vancouver native who has collaborated with artists like Coach Joey and Cory Jones. The song explores different ways of loving. It features a romantic relationship between two men. ‘4 AM in Yaletown’ is Billionaire B’s first solo project.

The visual is a visual about Billionaire B’s illustrious life and career

After a long hiatus, the hip-hop star dropped his mixtape N.W.O. in February 2012. This was the first single from his first solo album, “The Prestige”. On the track, he calls his friends and collaborators, and he even reaches out to many artists from “The Voice” to ‘Yeezy’.

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The rap star’s latest single, “That’s It,” is the third single from his LP “Prestige Trilogy” project. The upcoming album will feature songs like “No1 Drug” and “Cap 1.” The visual also features some of Billionaire B’s favorite things. For instance, he loves to go to the beach with his girlfriend. However, he still hasn’t finished writing the LP yet.

‘No1 Drug’ is Billionaire B’s latest single. It features the hit song “No1 Drug” by Drake

The song is the latest single from Billionaire B’s debut album, “The Prestige”. The project features a number of artists including The Voice, a group of young artists that haven’t yet released an album. This project has already surpassed the expectations of fans, and the video will continue to make fans more curious about Billionaire B’s upcoming projects.

‘No1 Drug’ is Billionaire B’s second single from his 2016 LP “Prestige Trilogy”. The track features the hit tracks “No1” and “Cap 1” from “The Prestige”. In addition to ‘No1 Drug,’ the album also features “The Prestige” by A.D. and No1 Dream. With this new single, Billionaire has already rounded out his rap career with a visual.


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