How To Teach Your Kids Kindness And Compassion

Teaching your nannusays kindness and compassion can be difficult. When you have children of your own, one way to ensure that they will understand the importance of being kind is to show them what it looks like from a child’s perspective. This blog post shares some ways that you can teach your children about kindness and compassion as well as how to be kind from a child’s perspective.


Being compassionate means understanding other people’s feelings. It also means being aware of the needs of other people, always treating others with respect, and being selfless.


Being kind means doing thoughtful things for others without getting anything in return. You don’t need to think twice about whether or not someone deserves it; when you are generous and caring, it’s because it makes you happy too! Teach these values by having your kids share their stories of kindness with each other.


What are kindness and compassion?

Kindness and compassion are important values to teach your kids. What is kindness? Well, kindness is doing thoughtful things for others without getting anything in return.

Compassion is understanding other people’s feelings and needs as well as treating them with respect. It also means always looking out for the needs of others even if it requires sacrifice on your part.

How do we teach our children about kindness?

Start by telling your children about the times you have been kind to others. Tell them about the time you helped an old woman cross the street, or the time you brought candies and flowers to someone who was going through a hard time.

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Additionally, teach your children how kindness is shown in everyday life. Let them know that being kind is something they will learn in school as well as from their parents, friends, and siblings.


Teach your children how happiness is created by giving without expecting anything back. Show them what happens when they give someone a hug or help out around the house with chores. Teach them that being happy doesn’t mean having lots of money or fancy things; it’s about doing good for other people even if it’s not always easy to do so.

It may seem difficult to be kind from a child’s perspective, but try looking at it this way: kindness is showing empathy and concern for others – something all nannu says are capable of!

How can we teach our children about compassion?

One thing you can do to teach your children about compassion is to show them what it looks like from the perspective of a child. Explain the concept and how they can help others while they are young. 


You could create a coloring book that shows kids being kind and compassionate or talk about some ways that you can show kindness in your daily life. It’s important for children to know what being compassionate looks like and how to include it in their daily lives.


Encourage your children to share their stories of kindness with each other, so that everyone can learn from one another. Sharing experiences will help your kids realize that those experiences are not so uncommon and make them feel less alone in what they’re going through. 

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This will also help them build their confidence as well as understand their role in the world around them.

Examples of teaching kindness from a child’s perspective.

One way to teach your children about kindness from a child’s perspective is to have them tell stories of when they were kind. You can start this by asking your children, “What are some ways you have been kind?” The following are examples of some possible answers:

-I gave my friend a gift without expecting anything in return.

-I helped someone with something that was difficult for them.

-I made someone smile and laugh by telling a funny joke or story.

-I taught my little brother how to play Lego.

When you hear these types of responses, or your kids come up with more,

ask them what it felt like the day they did the kind act and what their thoughts were while they did it.


Kindness and compassion are the building blocks of a happy and healthy life, not just for your children but for everyone. It is up to parents to teach their children these important values and show them how to act in difficult situations. 

They can give simple ways to show kindness, such as saying thank you when someone does something for them. This is a great way for children to learn how to extend kindness to others.


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