Buying the right type of Inverter battery for your Inverter system

If you live in a space with customary power cuts, you unquestionably know what an inverter can do for you. Subsequently, you may have thought about inverter batteries as well.

You might have heard over a dozen things about inverter batteries that could conceivably be valid.

Notwithstanding that, when you know the kinds of inverter batteries and online inverter battery costs in India.

Would you be able to decide which is the best inverter battery trolley most suitable for your home? At Microtek, we offer an exclusive range of the best inverter batteries and inverters, in addition to a battery-trolley combo to choose from.

What is an Inverter Battery?

Inside an inverter, the battery constitutes the basic part. Inverter battery trolley kept in place to keep the battery from direct exposure to kids, dust, or damage, the battery charges over the lattice-provided energy into DC power, and the battery is where this DC power stored.

The inverter draws power from the battery in a blackout and alters it back to AC to run household lighting needs and appliances.

Considering the need for options and our focus on  innovation, there are different sorts of inverter batteries that we offer:

  • GEL Batteries
  • Cylindrical Plate Batteries
  • Level Plate Batteries

The corrosive GEL batteries contrasted with standard leads, giving steady power reinforcement for a more drawn-out period. These have an extraordinary compound gel structure that holds the corrosive and prevents it from settling down.

They have more reinforcement power per cycle than standard overflowed lead corrosive batteries. Moreover, on account of cutting-edge parts inside, GEL batteries valued higher than standard overflowed lead corrosive batteries.

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What are the advantages of GEL batteries?

The primary benefit of a GEL battery is that it is environmentally friendly and discharges the least amount of gases, consequently making your home/office a better spot to dwell.

It is also preferred because there is no danger of corrosive spillage. No water top-up needed during the entire lifecycle of these batteries. Lastly, these batteries give genuinely steady power reinforcement throughout their life.


  • Up-keep free
  • Appropriate for a trouble free life cycle 
  • Exceptionally low to no gassing 
  • Suitable  for sensitive  electronic hardware.

 Advantages of Rounded Plate Batteries

Progressed cutting edge filling cycles and machines, notwithstanding the predominant execution of rounded plate innovation, have made the best cylindrical battery for inverter more viable and dependable for producers, permitting the Inverter battery trolley price to become very competitive.

The shape of positive plates is rounded, and it holds dynamic synthetic parts inside the inverter battery. These plates have a rounded help structure around the responsive compound that guarantees the open component stays set up.

They are the best inverter batteries for regions facing extensive power cuts like tier 2 and 3 urban communities.

The best-rounded battery for the home can also cover the Inverter battery trolley price combined for which you can get a better price on a combo deal.

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