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How to improve the security of your home

Improve the security of your home environment

Statistics show that around 40% of all home burglaries involve the thief entering through a front or back door. To ensure the safety of your doors, you need to have good locks mounted on sturdy doors and frames. In addition, other safety devices can be used in conjunction with the lock to further strengthen the overall security of the door.

The door opposite

You may feel that your front door is safe and secure because it has a lock, but that’s not always the case! Do you know what kind of lock it is? For example, a surface-mounted lock relies on the strength of its fittings for its safety. This makes it easy for thieves to see how many locks are mounted on the door and to judge how easy it will be to force the lock away from the door frame. If your door only has one lock, make sure your local locksmith has installed a high-security lock on the premises.

Glass-paneled doors

Glass-paneled doors make it easy for burglars to enter. Unless the lock cannot be locked, all a burglar has to do is simply break the glass and reach out to open the door.

If your door is thin, a mortise lock may not even be enough to protect the door. It would be best to have the most substantial, secure door to work with a lock to ensure security.

Other doors

Rear doors tend to be much more vulnerable than front doors. This is because rear doors are often made up of a lot of glass and often come with standard sub-locks. They also tend to be well hidden from neighbors or passers-by, so it allows a thief to force entry without risk of being seen.

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French doors

French doors and sliding patio doors also have significant weaknesses. The hinge pins of the patio doors can be easily removed, and the sliding door panels of the patio doors can be lifted off the rails unless an anti-lifting device has been installed.

Thieves will also note how easy it is to access the back door of your property. So if you don’t have a latch on your gate or your fence is easily scalable, this also makes your back door a good target for thieves attempting to enter your property.

Surface mount locks

These locks are also referred to as rim cylinder locks. They are composed of three major components. The lock body is concealed within the door, while the cylinder extends through it to the outside, and the bell is screwed into the door frame. This type of lock’s security depends entirely on the strength of the fasteners used to secure it in place.

As a result, it may be worthwhile to replace the screws supplied with the lock with longer ones when installing one of these locks. This increases the lock’s security.

Night bolt

A night bolt is the simplest and least expensive type of rim lock. These are operated solely with a key from the outside of the lock and a knob on the inside of the door. Which also features a sliding button for added security at night. However, this type of lock is not secure from the outside, as the latch can easily be moved out of the locked position. By inserting something flat and flexible between the door and the frame where the lock is located, Even if you use the night latch button, a burglar can still unlock your door by shattering a pane of glass and turning around if your door has glass panels.

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Night-lock doors also provide burglars with a quick way out after entering from another part of the home, such as a broken window. To ensure the security of an applied lock, it must work in conjunction with a deadlock function to prevent the lock from being forced or operated without a key.

To ensure your rim lock is one of the safest self-locking padlocks, you need to verify that it meets USA standard 3621. You can do so by searching for the BS Kitemark.

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