Thoughtful Types of Jewelry for Miscarriages

What should you give as a miscarriage gift? There are many thoughtful gifts, but jewelry is a timeless gift that a woman can use long term to commemorate her child. Miscarriage jewelry designs honor and commemorate the lost child. Many items feature custom engravings and room to personalize. Here are some of the most thoughtful and loving types of miscarriage jewelry:

Personalized Engraved Jewelry

If you have a special message to share, engraved jewelry provides a beautiful space for you to share it. Engrave jewelry can be handwritte or personalize to include a special message.

Thoughtful Quotes


If you’re for comforting words but want to include a thoughtful message, choose a meaningful quote. Quotes have a way of saying what we often can’t articulate. A piece loss of mother jewelry with a meaningful quote is an especially thoughtful sympathy gift. Some of the most special quotes for miscarriage jewelry are:

Angels and wings


One of the most common themes for miscarriage jewelry is angels and wings. The innocence of a child is often compare to angels. This connection represents ties to spirituality, religion, and heaven. Angel and wing miscarriage jewelry often features an angel, wing, or charm.

Footprints and hands


A lovely way to commemorate a lost child is with custom engrave handprints and footprints. Popular pieces of jewelry are prints enclosed in a heart or a handprint with a quote.

Miscarriage Awareness Bracelets and Necklaces


Another thoughtful gift is a pregnancy and loss awareness charm. These items are ribbons in blue and pink that often has accent gemstones accompanying them. Awareness pendants hang from a necklace chain or beaded bracelet.

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Natural designs


Children embody innocence and purity, and when one is taken it is tragic beyond words. If someone is uncomfortable talking about their miscarriage, natural designs offer sensible discretion. These items have natural elements that symbolize the loss of a child without showing it directly. Beautiful designs include rosebud rings, which feature a small budding rose, and necklaces with butterfly or dragonfly pendants in flight.

Miscarriage Gifts to Avoid


In times of great loss, it is important to consider what gifts may seem insensitive. You never want to give someone something that adds to their pain or distress. As such, these are gifts to be carefully considered or avoided altogether:

Religious articles


You want to think carefully about the recipient’s religious affiliation before giving religious jewelry as a gift. For example, winged angels can be disrespectful to an atheist. Use your best judgment and if you’re not sure, choose a secular gift to play it safe.


You might think that your safest bet in times of loss is to give flowers. While flowers are a bountiful symbol of life and lushness, they are temporary. The flowers are beautiful, but eventually they die. This could trigger pain that you don’t want to turn on. That’s why it’s safer to avoid flowers and choose gifts that have a long shelf life. When in doubt, choose thoughtful sympathy card or in memory of dad jewelry. In this way you offer something material that the mother can always look at in moments of sadness.

A miscarriage is one of the most personal and difficult times someone can experience. That’s why it’s important to take careful consideration when choosing a gift. If you are ever in doubt, the best thing to do is to be there for your friend or loved one.

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