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Whether you’re an established author or someone hoping to publish their first novel, there are some critical differences between self-publishing an ebook and self-publishing a hardcover or paperback book that you should know about before choosing your book writing or ghostwriting company.

Are you looking to get published? Have you ever considered writing an ebook instead of a book? Before you start thinking about your next step, it’s essential to understand the differences between books and ebooks. Both can be great tools for promotion and selling your products, but you should know what you’re getting into when deciding whether to pursue one or the other.

This article will help guide you through the process of writing and publishing both ebooks and books, making sure that you make the right decisions throughout the whole process, no matter what kind of finished product you’re looking for.

1) Convenience

Book writing companies offer a straightforward package – one project, one price. There’s no need to sift through pages of results. Instead, we take on your book creation needs when you hire our ghostwriting services.

Our ghostwriters handle every aspect of your book, including conducting interviews with sources and, incorporating their quotes into your manuscript, collecting and finding editors who specialize in different genres. These genres include romance or history—to ensure that all necessary grammar rules are followed appropriately.

2) Time

An ebook can be produced in just about any timeframe, whether two weeks or two years. So if you don’t have time to write your book, it might make sense to hire a ghostwriting company instead of waiting around.

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And don’t worry—you can give credit (or not) when you decide to publish an ebook. Most people who produce ebooks work directly with clients or act as middlemen between clients and ghostwriters; neither job is tied to publishing an ebook instead of a book on paper.

3) Flexibility

Books don’t have to be complete all at once, whereas ebooks do. In addition, since books are much more customizable than ebooks, you can write chapters that work perfectly with your schedule.

You could write a chapter while you’re riding on an aeroplane one day and then continue it at home later that night. However, you would have to find time outside of your busy schedule to write it all at once with an ebook.

If you plan on writing a book through a book writing company (instead of just downloading an ebook-creation software), then do so with as much flexibility as possible in mind. If there are multiple people involve, plan to meet with them every couple of weeks or months to collect their thoughts for that month’s piece of work.

4) Cost

The most significant difference between an ebook and a book is cost. An ebook can be create for as little as $1,000 (the low end of what you’d expect to pay to hire a ghostwriting company).

While books have significantly higher upfront costs, they are still not nearly as expensive as many people think. Most professional book-writing companies will produce a book for under $40,000 with no additional marketing costs associated with that price tag.

You may think that number is outrageous until you realize most self-published books sell less than 500 copies! That’s a lot of cash for something that won’t even cover basic operational costs.

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5) Formats

Once you understand which content format is best for your purposes, it’s important to remember that all books are not create equal. Many book writing companies offer several format options, including print-on-demand (POD), self-publishing and ebooks.

Which type of book you choose largely depends on your goals. If your goal is to publish a physical book, you’ll need to decide whether to get it professionally print or POD. While POD creates an opportunity for more control over some aspects of your final product, any books published through POD typically won’t be found in retail outlets such as Barnes & Noble or on Amazon.

6) Marketing Potential

With book writing companies and ghostwriting companies, it’s clear to see that books require more preparation and professionalism. Both readers of books and writing companies demand more sophistication from these types of products.

Book writing companies rely on experienced editors to work with their clients, while ghostwriting services generally cannot provide such experience due to working with clients across various topics.

For instance, when you hire a ghostwriter, your topic may be particular, which means there aren’t enough professionals with similar experience out there (at least at your given budget). A book writing company would ensure professional delivery no matter your topic or budget.

7) Professionalism

Some writing jobs are marketing-intensive. For example, many ghostwriting companies that hire professional writers require their ghostwriters to reach out to potential clients and get them excited about working with their book writing company. In addition, because they typically don’t have name recognition. These writing companies need personal touch points with clients.

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They rely on phone calls, email, Skype calls—whatever it takes—to help put a human face on their business. So even if you don’t personally like marketing or sales (and most professional writers don’t). As a ghostwriter, you must get good at both of these things to make it as an independent writer.

8) Privacy concerns

Another significant difference between ebooks and printed books is privacy. Because they’re essentially public documents, ebooks aren’t private. In most cases, anyone can access your ebook at any time by simply logging into Amazon or Barnes & Noble (or whichever online bookstore you choose to sell it through).

You might want to add information that you don’t want to be available for free. Such as unique content only your customers receive when purchasing or a direct link to your email address. If you plan on selling an ebook instead of just giving it away for free on your website. Privacy is important.

The Final Word

Though there are many similarities between these two mediums, there are also differences—many, many differences. Whether you write books or ebooks, do it because you love writing; focus on producing quality content that your audience will enjoy.

At Creative Writing Experts, we produce all types of content. We take pride in our ability to adapt to each author’s writing style. While providing one-on-one support throughout their writing journey. Happy writing!

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