Do You Know Several Who Also Need A Window Cleaner In Copenhagen?

Once the windows in your home have been polished, they are neat and clean. Then imagine that when you look out of the aforementioned windows, you look at the stained glass of your neighbor. It is certainly not something that gets the smile all the way up under the ears. Jacobsens Rengøring, your Copenhagen Vinduespudser, has found a solution to the problem.

We are proud to present the Trier Group’s Naborabat. When you and your neighbor order a window cleaner together, we only need to start the car and drive to Copenhagen once. We save both time and money on this. And we are happy to pass on that saving to you.

Now the service is called “Neighbor discount”, but it does not mean that the discount only applies to you and your neighbor. If you have friends and family in Copenhagen who might also need a visit from a qualified window cleaner, they can easily be included in the same order, and obtain the mentioned discount.

Can we not reach you all in one day? No problem. We would like to come to Copenhagen again to finish our work on your windows. And don’t worry! The discount remains the same whether we have to drive one or more times. As long as you order together.

How do we get a no-obligation offer on window cleaning with Naborabat?

Let us assume that you and your neighbor would like to use us as your window cleaner in Copenhagen. But how should you go about getting an order made so that your windows can be polished as soon as possible? With the aforementioned neighbor discount? Before you can get a non-binding offer on window cleaning, we need to know a few things:

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Of course, we need to know how many homes are to be visited by our window cleaners. Next, we need to know how many windows there are in each individual home, what type of windows there are, how many planes, and whether exterior and interior polishing is desired, or whether the windows “only” should have exterior polishing.

Now it’s time to get in touch with your new window cleaner. You will have a permanent contact person among our professional window cleaners who already have a route that goes through Copenhagen. He can often give a price for the window cleaning (incl. Neighbor discount) immediately if you choose to call us.

Does your company need a window cleaner in Copenhagen?

Currently, there are an incredible number of people searching for “window cleaner Copenhagen” together with “company agreement” on Google. Are you among those who have found us in it, or a similar way, we welcome you to our website. At Jacobsens Rengøring, you can get clean windows for the company with a company agreement.

But why should you choose us to take care of the window cleaning in your building or in your premises? You have to because we guarantee a uniform, high-quality window cleaning. This means that the result after finishing is always the same. All our customers in Greater Copenhagen can attest to this.

Let us be your company’s permanent window cleaner in Copenhagen

The reason that window cleaning for businesses is so coveted is that the companies in the city want to be both presentable and inviting to potential customers and existing business associates. And this is where the Trier Group – Your Window Cleaner Copenhagen, comes into the picture.

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Copenhagen on Zealand exudes business life. And it should be no secret that we have many satisfied customers from the business community in Copenhagen. Most of them have us on duty at least once every month. We take care of polishing your windows, and are always available to talk to in the event of an urgent need. Even if the need should arise outside the agreed service date.

How do we start a company agreement on window cleaning?

In order for us to give you a concrete offer, as well as prepare a completed action plan, it is necessary that you receive a visit from a window cleaner from the Trier Group. The window cleaner who visits the company will also be the one who in the future will look after your service. If you say “yes” to the offer.

On the aforementioned visit, you must together clarify your need for window cleaning. Among other things, you must talk about how often you want polishing, and whether you want your window cleaner to be cleaned both inside and out. If this sounds appealing, then finally get in touch. We can be reached on our phone, via e-mail, or by using the contact form on this page. If you choose email / form, you will have a response within 24 hours.


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