Old door lock: is it easy to replace them?

Old door lock: is it easy to replace them?

The old door lock is a puzzle for amateurs. It requires more attention than conventional locks. Your locksmith in Tampa can save you from having to face this difficulty, but, as it is not forbidden to try, we provide you here with all the tips to carry out this operation as little difficulty as possible.

We emphasize that it is not easy to take care of such an arduous task yourself. Indeed, the old doors have applied locks. These are more difficult to dismantle than the classic locks that we are more used to using. The aging of these locks is also a non-negligible factor of difficulty. An old door lock has every reason to be difficult to replace, and it takes time if you are not a professional craftsman.

Dismantling the lock

Dismantling is the step before replacing the lock. It is not necessarily the easiest. You have to unscrew the handles, which generally stay in place with screws. These are visible on the outside of the door. An old door lock often has four screws on the facing and two screws on edge.

The next phase is to take care of the training square. The latter connects the handles to the lock. If you can’t move the lock mechanism of your old door, use your hammer and tap a few quick taps to unlock it.

The faceplate is the part on which the lock is placed on the edge of the door. It is necessary to unscrew the two screws to hold it. These screws are sometimes filled with paint. Be sure to scrape it well to facilitate unscrewing.

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Complete your disassembly by taking out the trunk, which is usually difficult. To be certain of success, insert a large screwdriver into the hole in the drive square and pull sharply. A few precise hammer blows will be effective in unlocking the trunk of your old door lock if you feel resistance.

Installing the new lock

The installation of a new lock goes through the choice of a new model. This model must have dimensions comparable to the old lock’s (thickness, chest, faceplate, etc.). So you must have remembered the place of the drive square – or taken a picture of the old mechanism.

The best solution is still to take your old lock to replace it. The new lock assembly follows the opposite direction to that of dismantling. You just need to follow the steps to the letter.

However, it can be difficult to find old locks, especially if you want to install the same model.

Your Locksmith Tampa: significant expertise

The most effective way to replace your old door lock is to hire a craftsman – and Tampa residents particularly appreciate this professional and best category. He will respond quickly and efficiently, and he will provide you with a warranty on the equipment he has installed.

His expertise will allow you to avoid the inconveniences related to installing the lock.

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