How to Maintain Your Online Security

We all are aware of the many shady criminals lurking behind a cloak of secrecy provided by the internet. They conduct activities from which we need to protect ourselves. However, protecting ourselves from online criminals may not necessarily mean we stop using the internet. You can keep yourself secure while still doing your usual online activities.

A good starting point for ensuring your online security is to have a secure and reliable internet connection. Windstream Communications will provide you with the security you need for all your online activities.

Now let’s explore how you can maintain your online security.

Avoid Publicizing Personal Information

Most people are aware of the need to keep certain private information confidential. Things like digital account passwords, home addresses, personal telephone numbers, and financial information should never be revealed on an online forum. However, sometimes we can also unknowingly reveal critical information even during a casual conversation. Hackers may sometimes get access to your email address by asking password security questions during verbal communication.

Criminals can easily use personal information, like the name of your pet or your relationship details, to accurately guess the passwords of your digital accounts. Be careful not to reveal too much of your personal life on Instagram and Facebook.

You should also know that once you post something online, it will stay there in one way or the other. Even if you delete your videos and pictures. People can make copies of your videos and pictures while they were still undeleted. Always remember, once you post something online, you relinquish control over it.

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Thoroughly Check Any Links Before Clicking on Them

Your email is not safe, even if you are using anti-virus software. People often receive various web links in their emails. Some of these links may be used by hackers for malicious purposes.

There are some ways you can identify if a link is safe to open or not. If you move your mouse cursor over such links, it will show a preview of the complete link. If the preview link matches with the link of the website you expect it to be from, then it is safe to open such links. You can verify the authenticity of a link through a simple Google search.

For example, you see an email from Citibank in your inbox. Let’s say the link preview shows www.citibank.com. You just need to search Citi bank on Google and take a look at the results that come up. For a large organization like Citibank, the official website will be displayed right at the top of the search result page. The correct website will be revealed as www.citi.com. So if you are receiving links that route you to Citibank.com, you will know that it is probably a malicious link.

If any institutional entity sends you a login link in an email, do not open such links. It will be much better to go to the official website and open links from there. Be sure to follow this tip even if you receive any web links from people you trust.

Use Only Secure WI-FI Networks in Public Places

If you are into heavy downloading of content, you need to stay away from public Wi-Fi. It is best that you use a secure connection, the best would be using a VPN. This will ensure that your personal details and information are not leaked online and exploited by scammers and hackers who are always looking for an entry point.

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Avoid connecting to non-password-protected Wi-Fi networks in public places. If it is necessary to use one, avoid signing in to any of your digital accounts or entering any financial or other personal information.

Hackers are getting increasingly ingenious. They set up fake Wi-Fi hotspots to trap non-vigilant users. If you log in to a network set up by a hacker, they can easily monitor your online activity while you are connected to that network. When at a public place, like a restaurant or airport, ask any available staff member the name of their Wi-Fi network.

Summing Up

The internet has a lot to offer for everyone. However, there are some dangers associated with using the internet. There are numerous criminals out there waiting for opportunities to cause harm to people for their personal gains. Always keep your guard up whenever you are online.

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