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Moisturization 101 To Fight Flaky, Rough Skin

Rough skin is a very problematic skin issue faced by a lot of people. It brings about several changes to your skincare routine. You need to constantly think about your dry and flaky skin whenever you apply makeup or even wash your face. No matter how many creams and lotions you may try, dry skin is something you just cannot shake off. 

In the article below, we will be discussing the complete know-how about moisturisation and the best body lotion or skin whitening body lotion to use for your skin troubles.

Taking Care of Dry Skin

If your skin feels extremely dry and itchy after cleansing, then the chances are that you have rough skin. Most people who reside in colder regions in the world suffer from some form of dryness. This can be easily eliminated with the help of a good body lotion. You can look for lotions containing the goodness of almonds, which is responsible for keeping your skin hydrated for long periods. 

For skin that seems beyond repair and affects your appearance, specialized moisturizing agents need to be put to work.

 Let us look at some pointers to be kept in mind while taking care of your dry, rough skin.

  • Keep Skin Hydrated:

The most important thing to remember is to keep your skin hydrated. Just like your body, your skin also needs the appropriate amount of moisture to stay healthy. Along with applying the best moisturizer on the skin, you also need to be aware of your diet and water intake. Drinking enough water throughout the day and consuming food that is rich in water, would keep your skin hydrated from within. This will reflect on your appearance in the form of a healthy glow. 

  • Find a Good Moisturiser:

Finding a well-suited moisturiser for your dry skin would do wonders for your issues. There are several brands offering lotions and creams for people having rough skin. However, all of them might not be suitable for your requirement. We recommend using a brand made with natural ingredients – avoid chemical-based beauty products as much as you can. Look for skin whitening body lotion with SPF 25 that provides soft and supple skin. Read the list of ingredients and look for products like saxifrage extracts which are rich in antioxidants responsible for skin brightening. Make sure to pick a product that is beneficial for dry and flaky skin.

  • Right Moisturiser Application:

Applying a good body lotion does not mean slathering moisturiser on your rough skin. The timing and method of moisturiser application are also important to keep in mind. After bathing, make sure to moisturise your skin immediately. This helps in eliminating the drying out of the skin, especially at the time it is the most vulnerable. Apply a good moisturiser or a skin whitening body lotion right after a toner or moisturiser. It will lock your skin with ample moisture and does not let it become dehydrated. For best results, try products that are made 100% naturally and are organic in their formulation.

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In conclusion, taking care of rough skin should not be a tough task, especially when you have brands like Lotus Herbals taking responsibility to protect your skin and keeping it hydrated. Many skin whitening body lotions are made from organic ingredients that make your skin soft and silky smooth.

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