Troubleshoot Brother Printer Not Printing Error State Issue Easily

How do I fix the “Brother Printer not printing” error?

Brother printers are among the most versatile printer machines. They have been proven to be reliable and high-quality. Many have chosen to use these printers because of their seamless printing services. Sometimes, even the most powerful machines can fail to function properly. This blog will help you resolve issues such as “Brother wireless printer not printing” or “Error 48”.

Why does the Brother printer stop printing?

Brother printer not printing error is the most common issue with Brother printers. This means that either the circuit board or print head cable has been damaged or broken. On the display, you will see “Unable to Print: 48”. These are the reasons your Brother printer is not printing but connected to Wi-Fi.

  • You might have found paper clips, a piece of paper ripped or paper bits stuck in the printer head.
  • The printer suffered a mechanical failure.

Troubleshooting Brother printer not printing error when connected to WiFi

If you are familiar with the meaning of the error description, it is easy to resolve the printing issue. Here’s how to resolve it now that you have the error description.

  • Remove the power cord from the printer and carefully lift the cover.
  • You should inspect the machine for jammed papers or other foreign objects. You should immediately remove any such items.
  • Check that there is no paper jammed in the printer head. Slide the printer head to the left or right side if it is stuck in the middle. Check for scrap paper underneath.
  • Slide the printer head to the right side using your fingers.
  • Connect the printer to the power source by closing the scanner cover. You may receive an error message until the encoder strip has been cleaned.
  • Follow these steps if the print head is located on the right-hand side
  • The printer cord should be connected back to the power outlet. The “Cover is Open” message will appear on the LCD or display system.
  • Continue pressing Stop/Exit for five minutes until the print-head returns to the middle. The power outlet should be disconnect from the machine.
  • Remove any foreign objects or paper that has been damage from the right corner of the print head corner.
  • After you have removed all foreign objects from your printer head, close the scanner lid and connect it with a power source.
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How to connect Brother Printer to Computer?

  • Remove the Brother Printer’s power cord and lift the scanner cover with the plastic tabs.
  • Locate the encoder strip. This transparent strip will be located in front of the white vinyl band.
  • Use a dry lint cloth to clean the strips on both sides. You must take care not to damage the strip.
  • After cleaning, you can replace it and seal the scanner cover.
  • Check if the problem persists by connecting the printer back to the power outlet. This can be do by pressing the buttons on your control center and sending a print command. If the command is execute successfully then Error 48 will resolve.

Now you can connect your Brother printer with the computer via a wireless connection to start printing your favorite documents.

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