Gardening with your kids

Gardening with your kids

Playing in the soil, watering the plants, growing vegetables: Gardening is fun for little kids! This is an excellent opportunity to bring him closer to nature. Also Watching: Drawing For Kids

Gardening is attractive

Gardening is an engaging activity for children. It allows him to be outside, enjoy the water and land, and explore. Gardening also stimulates your senses. For example, he can touch the ground, smell the flower, taste the freshly picked tomatoes, observe the insects and hear the birds.

Gardening for young children

While your toddler is gardening, she is gradually developing her scientific thinking. This leads him to observe nature and ask questions. It was an opportunity to teach him that water is the foundation of life. Explain that the seeds will not germinate and dry out quickly without it.

Planting, watering, and growing vegetables or herbs also helps him understand where the food he eats comes from. It encourages him to respect nature and care for the environment. It also increases its responsibility by watering the plants. He is also proud of the crop he planted. While she’s cooking, don’t be afraid to ask her to buy some vegetables or herbs to add to the dish! It’s better to wait until one year old before gardening with kids as kids put everything in their mouths.

By gardening, your child also knows the seasons. For example, you might explain that you sow the seeds in the spring, that the vegetables grow in the summer, that they are harvested until the fall, and that the soil rests in the winter.

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Gardening allows your toddler to observe natural changes such as twigs coming from the ground and cucumbers growing day by day. Your child will learn to wait before seeing results.

What tasks should be assigned to him?

Your child will do many things in the garden and thus develop their motor skills. He can sow seeds, dig holes, weed weeds, remove dead plants, mulch with his hands, and grow vegetables. But apparently, her favorite activity is watering!

What will be planted?

Lettuce, peas, and bean seeds are good choices because these plants grow fast. Carrots and potatoes are also attractive. Because they grow underground, it’s fantastic to see what happens when kids pull the stems. Sunflower seeds are also impressive. They increase and produce large flowers.

Kids will also appreciate herbs that can always smell and taste. Some good examples of spices are vegetable patches that grow well in balcony pots: chives, thyme, oregano mint, parsley, coriander, scallions, basil. For more information about instant turf suppliers in Melbourne visit Lilydale Instant lawn.

What if we don’t have a garden?

Gardens in the egg box

If you do not have land, you can garden with your children by growing indoor plants and vegetables, herbs, and flowers in pots on your balcony. Community gardens are another option. You can also ask people around you to reserve a place in their garden for a garden.

Ideas for fun gardening

Beanstalk: Take an empty cardboard egg carton. Fill the holes with soil and sow at a rate of one seed per hole. Water to keep the soil moist and sunny. After a week, your baby will be able to see the beanstalks coming out of the ground.

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Pot Madness: Use paint or chalk to decorate your terracotta pots with your kids. Plant flowers or herbs together. Gather the banks in a sunny spot to make a pot garden!

Explorer: Provide your outdoor kids with little observation challenges. For example, ask him to show you one, two, or three insects, a yellow flower, a lettuce leaf, and a plant that smells good.

Square of Earth: Make room for your children in the garden. Like a square of sand, it becomes a square ground with his little tools.

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