How to spot a counterfeit designer bag?

Bulgari snake head bag was born in 2012, simple and generous square type of bag. With classic Bulgari family Serpenti elements, snake head-shaped ring accessories. As well as classic black and white enamel. Depending on the color of the leather with different stone colors.
It can be say that the advent of the snake head bag immediately. Won the hearts of women, so the various celebrities lend a hand. Next up with a few points that will tell you how to identify Bulgari bags as true or false.

 First of all the shape of the bag.

Real snake head 레플리카 bag in add to the limited edition, the leather used is calf leather. More cut and sewn, the outer layer is soft but not easy to collapse. Flexible to the touch, edge alignment clear and proportionate.
Imitation in the leather to save costs, with inferior leather, the stitching is rough. It is one of the low imitations, there are many threads and the stitching pitch is not even. The stitching line appears messy curved. The color compared to the original product has obvious discrepancies.
Then the hardware. Real hardware buckle engraved deeper, clean handwriting without flaws. The surface is flat and three-dimensional, reflective sense of moderate. Imitation is usually the outer layer of electroplating leads to color deviation. Reflecting the spicy luster besides to imitating the font oblique irregular. Rough workmanship without three-dimensional real head bag zipper. And metal ring with BVLGARI letters, workmanship very delicate. Polished smooth and exquisite, engraved clear and neat, imitation is not clear. Showing a sense of poor quality reflective.

 The third snake head made of enamel.

Serpenti Forever is the most iconic enamel snake head, the perfect. demonstration of Bulgari’s high-end quality in the jewelry industry.
Real snake head in enamel process, while the eyes inlaid with malachite or natural onyx. Snake head proportion is very symmetrical, snake eyes inlaid with malachite. Which is also the easiest place to identify the real thing, the snake eyes with natural malachite. The shape is full smooth and translucent (because it is natural malachite. The snake’s left and right eyes are not exactly the same pattern is normal). Imitation products are usually the common plexiglass on the market. Or more imitations are usually made of plexiglass. Or even lower-quality resin as snake eyes. roughly finished and without luster, and the position of the eyes is not symmetrical. (If the eye pattern is exactly the same, it must be an imitation)

Fourth the feed package number.

Real snake head bag in a mirrored leather lining. The top of a series of letters and numbers is a section of the number. Real number text is clear, each byte specification is smooth. Imitation of the inferior printing process, not skewed code is not clear. And the word spacing between the gaps between the proportions. Is not standardized, the rough.
Real snake head bag embossing is also worth noting, Bulgari may not be like LV. But can see the real thing from a specific letter at a glance, but the English logo stamp is very clear. And the spacing between letters remains constant, the texture is very high quality. Another point is that the genuine leather label processing is convex. The imitation is flat, and the English letters are not clear. The leather label is not convex three-dimensional sense.

Bulgari fake designer bags are not easy to identify,

 because Bulgari produces jewelry, bags are small. But Bulgari snake head bag is a classic model. Several fake Bvlgari designer bags 4 identification points are present in this article.

1 How to spot a fake Bvlgari bag: LOGO letters

The edge processing of the letters is very flat and beveled. Especially the shank of the letter R. The double arc shape is very important. 2 How to spot a fake Bvlgari bag: hardware engraving process
The engraved bottom groove is very neat and clean, and the engraving looks bolder. Fakes are thinner and longer. Louis Vuitton is among the most counterfeited brand in the world. Most of the web shops that Louis Vuitton offers are not official. Dealers and sell used LVs or get the goods from other sources. Especially on marketplaces like eBay. You should check a Louis Vuitton bag very to make sure it is not a fake Louis Vuitton. Here it is important to ensure that the bag is offer with the eBay guarantee and that you have a right of withdrawal.
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