How to Safely Resolve error 12029 QuickBooks?

QuickBooks users face various technical glitches while working on the program. Error 12029 QuickBooks is one of them that appears while downloading a payroll or QuickBooks update. The error often arises when QuickBooks can’t successfully connect to the internet, which leads to issues while downloading the update. Interference of antivirus or firewall program while downloading the update can also trigger the error. Follow the blog until the end to learn about causes and troubleshooting solutions to rectify QuickBooks error message 12029.

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Primary reasons behind QuickBooks payroll update error 12029

Given below is the list of prominent causes that trigger this update error:

  1. Not having a stable internet connection while downloading updates.
  2. Interference from third-party security applications during the update process.
  3. Not using Internet Explorer as the default browser.
  4. Connectivity issues between QuickBooks and the server computer.

Now, go through the troubleshooting procedure given below to resolve the error.

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Methods to Rectify error 12029 in QuickBooks

Method 1. Make sure Internet Explorer is set to be used as the default browser

  1. Open Internet Explorer and from the upper right corner, click the Gear icon or Tools menu.
  2. Choose Internet Options and head to the Programs tab.
  3. Move to the Default Web Browser section and select the Make Default button.
  4. To save the settings, click OK.

Method 2. Review and reset the Internet Explorer settings

  1. Close the QuickBooks program window and open Internet Explorer.
  2. Move to the Tools menu, choose Internet Options and select the Security tab.
  3. Click the Globe icon and check that the security level is no higher than Medium-high.
  4. Select the Connections tab, click the Never Dial a Connection option if you do not use the dial-up node (DUN) on the computer. If you do, choose the correct ISP and click OK.
  5. Choose LAN settings and select the automatically detect settings option.
  6. Now, look whether the Use a Proxy Server checkbox is selected or clear.
  7. It is now selected, document the complete address and port.
  8. If the port is other than port 80, do not clear the Use a Proxy server option.
  9. If the port is port 80, clear the option for testing purposes and click OK.
  10. Head to the Advanced tab, choose the Restore Advanced Settings and go to the Settings section.
  11. Locate and check if the Use TLS 1.2 option is selected and click OK.
  12. Close Internet Explorer and reboot your computer.
  13. Finally, open QuickBooks Desktop and try to install the update again.
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If above-discussed methods fail to resolve the error, try these alternatives:

  1. Try to perform QuickBooks clean install in Selective Startup Mode.
  2. Reset QuickBooks Desktop updates and download the latest release.
  3. Repair your Internet Explorer.

We are full of hope that following the above troubleshooting methods will help you fix error 12029 QuickBooks. If the error continues even after following the steps given above, call us on our toll-free number +1 800-579-9430 and consult the certified QuickBooks expert’s team.

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