Golden Tips to Help You Protect Against Manipulators

Narcissists, manipulators, and liars – you will find them everywhere. They can be your friends, siblings, colleagues, business partners, and even the person you married and loved for the last ten years. Simply put, life is tough, and simply because you are transparent, it doesn’t mean that others will mirror you.

Throughout your life, you will encounter all sorts of people, including those who will deceive you. In a business setting, you might be assigned the task of leading people, and many of those people will try to cheat you and manipulate you, much of which will have to do with their inferiority complex as most of them have internalized the idea that perhaps they aren’t good enough.

All sorts of insecurities can cause people to act a certain way to the point where they might be willing to throw you under the bus – just to get their way – or to make you feel bad about yourself. You might get accused of a crime that you never committed; however, in times like these, it is essential to remain logical, get a lawyer, and even opt for forensic consulting to get enough evidence about your innocence and to prove the liars, schemers, and manipulators wrong.

Here are some solid ways to protect yourself against manipulators.

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Get Support

First things first – instead of getting affected by the negativity of lies, you will want to get with your support group, who will have your back – no matter what. Usually, manipulators try to isolate you to make you feel vulnerable, ultimately making it harder for you to get valuable information or confide in a trusted person to get help with decision-making.

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Since you will have no one else to turn to, you might get to the point where you might have to turn to the manipulator to help and as a close friend. However, you will want to understand that even in desperate times, you cannot count on your enemies.

So, the best thing you can do is to surround yourself with supportive and knowledgeable people who have your back.

Prioritize Your Goals

The thing about manipulators is that they are vampires who thrive on other’s dreams, and if by any chance, they come to know about your dreams, priorities, and goals – they will do anything and everything possible to discredit your dreams.

For instance, they might constantly tell you that you are never going to succeed – or – they might pressure you into taking projects that are out of alignment with your goals. So, instead of falling prey to such manipulators and changing your goals, you will want to keep your eyes on the price, which are your short-term and long-term goals.

The thing is that instead of letting the external voices affect your mind, you will want to remain focused and prevent yourself from getting negatively invested.

The Takeaway

You will want to be mindful of the various tactics that manipulators use to spread wrong information at work with colleagues. So, to prevent the manipulators from spreading wrong information, make sure to tell others in writing or speaking about what you believe in.

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