How to put a lace front wig without glue?

A wig is intended to be worn as a daily protective hairstyle and for this it is preferable that the wig be as natural as possible. His pose is therefore very important!

Where should you start?

Customization is the KEY for a perfect rendering.

Today there are simple tricks to make your wigs very natural. You don’t have to be a professional to get a natural effect!

So, if you already have your wigs or if you have a crush on one of our wigs and you don’t know how to customize it, we have sought the advice of the best hairdressers in the United States for you.

Let’s see together how to get a perfect and undetectable wigs:

Steps 1 – discoloration

The discoloration of the tulle makes it possible to obtain a “skin to skin” effect.

Bleach knots in just 3 steps:

Carefully turn your wigs over so that the tulle is upside down.

Gently apply the bleach all over the lace and leave for about 20 minutes.

Once the knots of the lace are cleared up, rinse and let air dry

With our wigs, you can very well stop at this stage, your wigs will already have a natural effect without much effort.

For those who want to go further:

Step 2 – don’t be afraid to remove some hair!

Plucking out the tulle will help remove some density and make the volume of the hair look more realistic. You should epilate your tulle with a mirror nearby so you can try it on as you go and see if the result works for you.

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To tweeze your wigs, use tweezers to remove the hair from the lace and also from the wig.

Step 3 – cut the tulle

Our lace wigs have large tulle in the front; the latter can be glued to imitate your scalp. But you can lay it without glue.

Cut the tulle:


The irregular shape allows the lace to blend seamlessly with your hairline.

Once cut, put it back on your head and see if the result is as you wished. If not, continue plucking the wig or trimming the lace a little more. It may take several tries to achieve the perfect natural effect.

And here you are now, with a PERFECT wig! But you find your roots swollen what to do?

Here are 4 essential tools for a flat wig:

Always use a small dab of heat protectant serum to avoid damaging the hair. (Prefer light serums so as not to weigh down the hair)

Use a hair straightener with ceramic plates (if you want to straighten your wig)

Heating comb:  THE ESSENTIAL for a flat wig even for curly wigs! The heated comb is used to flatten your front hair for a natural effect without systematically making baby hairs.

Different kinds of Lace Wig

The lace wigs comes in many more or less sophisticated and detailed versions. The glueless Lace Wig is the most basic model: the wig is mounted on an elasticated cap that is adjusted around the skull and does not need gluing to be fixed. The Front Lace Wig is edged with lace at the front of the cup only: the strip of lace is glued to the cup for a natural look. The back is designed like a classic wig and adjusts with a hook. Finally, the Full Lace Wig, as the term “full” indicates, has a cap completely surrounded by lace, on which the hair of the wig is placed. It is therefore completely undetectable.

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Luxury wig adapted to your condition

While frontal lace wigs can be made from synthetic hair, the most beautiful and popular models for young women are made from human hair, mostly collected. Each wig is then assembled by hand, hair by hair, for a much more realistic natural look than a classic synthetic wig: indeed, where the latter has a bulky and unsightly “helmet” appearance, the Lace Wig hugs your skull. gently without excess material. In addition, the lace of the cup on which the hair is fixed comes in several shades so that it is based on the color of your complexion. Whether you want to alternate your short haircut with a goddess mane,

There you go, now you have all the ingredients to perfectly pose your wig and be very sweet!

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