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However, some clinics rely on technicians or nurses. So that they can have a larger number of patients and reduce the expense of the intervention. Meanwhile, if a doctor performs a 6 to 8 hour procedure, he can understand. Why the cost would increase. Because this is an operation that tries to perfect an aesthetic aspect and a doctor is invest in hair it.

The only way to know if the person involved is a doctor. Or a simple technician is to contact the clinic and ask for the doctor’s education certificates. The capillary graft is carry out for aesthetic reasons and for the patient’s health, for this reason they must have a doctor.

This is a main factor that the patient must ensure while doing their research.

Hair transplant Dubai methods or techniques used:

Hair grafting is performe with 4 different techniques: FUE, FUT, DHI (unshave hair graft) and OSL (OBLIQUE SIMI-LATERAL)

The FUT is the cheapest technique and in disuse.

The FUT technique was abandoned for much more advanced techniques and due to its myriad drawbacks and risks. Like not only hurting the donor area, but practically destroying it. Removing a little 20 cm long scalp from the donor area and with fewer useful hair follicles to graft.

The FUE technique has a higher price than FUT because it requires a long procedure, but certainly a more advanced and safe intervention and with almost minimal side effects, considering that there is less amount of blood caused by the intervention, without scarring in the donor area. The FUE technique is simpler and improved for faster healing with less pain. Whereas traditional techniques would take months to heal. Invention time on a patient and equipment used can add up to a small cost difference.

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The DHI technique, on the other hand,

is the most expensive of the three because directly grafting longer hair from the donor area to the recipient area requires more staff, which increases the cost of the procedure.

The OSL technique is the most advanced technique, developed by Dr. yetkin Bayer after 23 years of experience in hair grafting. What OSL techniques offer is a different way of opening channels in a lateral oblique way so that the implanted hair can obtain its natural growth. And frequently used or combined with DHI, two of the most advanced techniques with the best benefits (without shaving and with more natural hair growth) known as ODHI.

In the end, all modern techniques can offer good quality results,

and sometimes a hair loss or current baldness pattern may require the use of FUE, due to the capabilities of the donor area or otherwise, the patient may undergoing different techniques, and it may cost a little more, but it is safe, it adapts to the patient’s case, and the medical factor goes back, to decide not only the aesthetic part, but also to guarantee the success of the operation.


We all know that advancement in this day and age can take away two sides of previous uses, simplicity and possibly higher cost. It is a question of whether the small cost difference is worth the investment.


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