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Why Is Delta 8 THC Syrup On A Different Level? | CBDDY

There are many various edibles you may buy or manufacture, but the Delta 8 Syrup is one you should not pass over without recognizing what you’re missing out on. What’s so unique about this Delta 8 edibles creation? It’s a type of syrup! Like cough syrup when I was a kid? Pass.

Not so quickly! This isn’t your average syrup, and the consequences aren’t what you’d expect from edibles. We have firsthand knowledge of how awesome this product is and thought we’d share it with our D8 fans. Continue reading to find out what the Delta 8 Syrup is capable of!

What to Expect When Using Delta 8 Syrup

When developing new edibles, we certainly want to know the potency, flavor, and, most importantly, the impacts of each product. This allows us to establish the ideal path to take in guiding our clients and assisting you all in finding the product that will best fit you and your good time. 

Let’s start with the fundamentals for our best-selling Delta 8 THC syrup:

  • Each bottle contains 500mg of 8 THC.
  • It comes in a 4oz/120ml bottle with 16 servings per bottle.
  • It is available in two flavors: cherry and grape.

While you might simply throw an amount into a cup and call it a day, a word of caution…

A tablespoon is suggested for each dose, and we can’t stress this enough: shake the bottle before pouring! Separation happens when the Delta 8 distillate settles to the top of the bottle, as it does with most liquids. While you may be thinking, “Sweet, greater potency that way!” Our own experience strongly discourages you from thinking that way about this specific product.

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To begin with, blending the product is critical for experiencing a balanced effect. The last thing you want is a high so strong that you can’t function or enjoy the consequences. Our precautionary precautions arise from one of our staff members using our Delta 8 THC Syrup as a Purple Drank with Sprite and a jolly rancher…and the results, needless to say, are now how we rank the potency of our goods!

It’s also worth noting that the Delta 8 THC Syrup doesn’t have an immediate effect. The good thing about this edible is that you can enjoy the taste of either Cherry or Grape in whatever form you like before it kicks in, i.e. with soda, tea, straight, etc. It took around 2 hours after the D8 team took it to feel anything. It crept upon him for a time, slowly swelling up like a tidal wave before coming down HARD.

The effects persisted till the next day when he was still high! (It should be noted that no measurements were taken when it was poured into the cup for the ultimate Purple Drank concoction. This method is not recommended by us. Our taste tester strongly advises against overdoing it with this product. It got him high AF, but it got him too high. One that left him in shipment with only the ability to give a thumbs up while inside battling to figure out how to not be so high while still doing his job. FYI, he did very little work that day, but we had a lot of fun checking on him throughout the afternoon!)

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As a result, it’s ideal to consume this syrup in the evenings or on weekends when you can afford to be glued to your seat for several hours. Again, you may get a balanced high from Delta 8 THC Syrup by following the advised dosage and then taking more later if it isn’t enough.

Don’t forget that the effects continue to grow, so if you think it’s not very strong once it hits you, keep waiting! Be patient as the full effects build before packing a major wallop. Buckle up for a smooth trip that will have you flying on the perfect high once they have fully hit!

So, while we don’t want you to miss out on this fantastic syrup; we recommend that you start slowly and gradually increase the amount until you discover your optimal dose. Make sure to share your personal experience with the effects in the comments and join in on the fun!

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