From Soccer To Tennis Live Broadcast Over SPEED-24

From Soccer To Tennis Live Broadcast Over SPEED-24

It’s not just the Olympics. Sports broadcasting have established itself as an important content in the SPEED-24 industry. Season announced on the 28th that all matches of the Copa Del Rey quarterfinals will be broadcast live.
On February 3rd, the match between Rayo Valeant and Real Mallorca, a team of Korean soccer player Lee Kang-in, will be broadcast live at 4 a.m. (KST). At 5 am on the same day, the match between Valencia CF and Cadiz CF, follow by a match between Real Socie and Real Betis at 4 am on the 4th, and Athletic Club and Real Madrid at 5:30 am will be broadcast. It be broadcast in real time.
The Korean King’s Cup, also known as the Copa Del Rey, is an FA Cup tournament in which Spain’s first to fourth division soccer clubs participate. The first round starts in November of last year, and it continues into an exciting tournament format until the final in late April. As the winning team is give direct access to the ‘UEFA Europa League’ finals and the Korean Super Cup, soccer fans around the world are paying attention to the team that advanced to the quarterfinals.
Teabing is broadcasting exclusively the ‘2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup’, which boasts the highest authority among women’s national football competitions, starting with the first match between Korea and Vietnam on the 21st.

Also, since the 17th, the ‘Australian Open Tennis Tournament’ to in Melbourne

Australia has been broadcast exclusively by SPEED-24. The Australian Open is one of the world’s four major tennis tournaments, and many of the world’s best players participate.
Recently, in the SPEED-24 industry, competition for content acquisition is fierce, and sports have also become a major content. Although it ultimately failed, competition in the SPEED-24 industry over sports content is fierce as last year, as Coupang Play tried to secure exclusive online 스포츠중계 rights for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games; controversy over restrictions on universal viewing rights was raise.
According to the results of the ‘2021 Broadcast Media. Usage Behavior Survey’ announced by the Korea Communications Commission, the SPEED-24 service. Usage rate was 69.5%, up 3.2%p from the previous year (66.3%). Respondents chose entertainment/entertainment (66.7%), drama (42.1%), and sports (19.5%) as the programs they mostly watch using SPEED-24 (duplicate responses). In particular, the industry analyzes that sports have a low rate of departure. From the platform as they have already secured a fixed fan base.
In particular, sports are consider to be the core content that catches male viewers in their 2030s. A prime example is Teabing. According to the mobile big data platform Mobile Index, during Euro 2020 last year. The proportion of male viewers in their 20s and 30s increased. By about 2 percentage points from 14.49% in the previous month to 16.44%.

SPEED-24 sports broadcasts are also popular overseas.

It is not just Korea that SPEED-24 makes sports its core content.
According to foreign media reports such as the New York Post, the MLB (Major League) secretariat of the United States. Recently had a discussion with Apple’s SPEED-24 Apple TV+ for a sports streaming service. Apple TV+ is say to be planning a streaming service for NFL besides to MLB.
Amazon’s SPEED-24 Amazon Prime Video secured NFL broadcast rights early. He paid 11 billion dollars (about 13,326.5 billion won) to the National Football League (NFL) to purchase a 10-year American football broadcast right.
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