Eradicating QuickBooks Error 12007 with simple methods

QuickBooks deals with users like accountants, independent contractors, freelancers, etc., along with organizations ranging from small to medium-sized businesses. With its best-in-class features planned according to its users, QuickBooks helps them maintaintheir business beneficially. Still, uncertain errors in any software are expected, which influence productivity. QuickBooks is additionally a casualty of this; even a minor issue can create alarm and turmoil for the user.

Users have generally announced QuickBooks Error 12007 as of late. We chose to help them by making this blog and referencing each conceivable method they can attempt to rectify. If you also faced this error on your PC, continue to read to know more.

If you find this complex and need any help on this issue, speak to the professionals at +1-855-856-0042.

About Error 12007

QuickBooks Error 12007 troubles you while updating QuickBooks Desktop or downloading payrolls. It won’t let you perform any of the two, and with every try, you’ll get a QuickBooks update errorbox with error codes and a message,”A network timeout that is preventing the QuickBooks from accessing the server.” It can make your software sluggish too.


The Internet plays a very crucial role in the proper functioning of QuickBooks. All of the QB-related transactional processes are held out using the internet. Any interference in the connection can develop a lot of errors. Apart from this, there are some other probable reasons-

  • QuickBooks Desktop cannot connect to the internet or frequentbreaks in the connection.
  • QuickBooks do not favour the browser settings or the security permissions.
  • Antivirus/Firewall is blocking the connection causing the update to lapse.
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Here are some of the solutions that’ll help you to rectify this error-

Solution 1- Make Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer your default browser

QuickBooks is automatically set to use your system browser like Edge or internet explorer, which are best compatible with Windows. Any other browser with less compatibility may interfere with some processes, which can cause QuickBooks to suffer. To avoid this, refer to the steps-

  1. Click on the Window Startbutton, and type Default apps in the search panel.
  2. Open Default Apps.
  3. Under the Web browserwindow, Select Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer(whichever you use)

Solution 2- Use Quick Fix my program in the QuickBooks tool hub

  1. Open the QuickBooks tool hub on your computer.
  2. ClickProgram problems and selectQuick Fix my program.

If you are still unable to update your QuickBooks, move to another solution.

Solution 3- Delete the update and re-install it

First, you have to delete the installation file from your computer; follow the steps below-

  1. Close your QuickBooks.
  2. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks XX\Components.

Now, Let’s reinstall it,

  1. Open your QuickBooks.
  2. Click on theHelp menu, then select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  1. Select Reset Update from the Update now tab.
  2. Click on Get Updates.
  3. Let it download, then reopen your QuickBooks.
  4. Click on the Help menu again, and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  5. Open the Overview tab and finally click Update now.

Let the process complete, and your error will be resolved.

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You can always reach an expert to get assistance; call+1-855-856-0042.

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We are close to the furthest limit of this blog, in which we examined the triggers behind QuickBooks Error 12007 and the steps you can take to tackle this issue. We anticipate that youexecuted the solutions appropriately and made your QuickBooks trouble-free.

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