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White Calacatta Quartz Slab for Countertop

Calacatta white quartz slabs for kitchen countertop Calacatta quartz slabs amaze with their clean whites. And striking veining throughout the body. Perfect for creating stunning white quartz countertops and waterfall islands in kitchens. Backsplashes, showers, and flooring in residential and commercial settings.

One of the suppliers of the largest white quartz stone seller in USA and Europe

  1. We provide OEM service for our customers, according to the samples to make a similar pattern.
  2. We have R&D department to innovate new product items every 3 months, that’s also what we cooperate with the biggest quartz stone supplier in US and Europe.
  3. Understanding the market, we continue looking for alternatives for our clients.
  4. We carry out the pre-cut service for our clients, reviewing every detail.

About us

  1. Rich experience: more than 15 years of experience
  2. CAD: formal CAD drawings for your confirmation before production
  3. Custom Designs: Any of your design or drawing can be done by our skill worker.
  4. Shipment: could arrange shipment door to port, door to door to any country.
  5. Quality guarantee: high quality control in each production process
  6. Design: According to customers’ drawings or photos or as usual or by our design and R&D department
  7. Service: Offer top quality, competitive price and excellent service.

White Calacatta Quartz Stone Island Countertop for Kitchen

The island will be built as request base on client’s requirement and draft design approve by attachment. The worktop is individually pack for easy transport and moving around inside. Many homeowners prefer to have natural stone materials like marble and granite countertop surfaces, however natural stone can be expensive and high maintenance. Quartz stone is a man-make stone surface that is often use in bathrooms and kitchens. Calacatta quartz is design with a mix of resin and pigments that create a beautiful material. Artificial quartz countertops are a virgin surface which makes them stain and water resistant, however quartz is not heat resistant. Quartz is consider a low maintenance stone to have in the home,

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Quartz is the perfect stone no matter what your interior design style is. Since quartz countertops are designed, almost any type of color can be brought to the surface using pigmentation. Natural vein patterns are at the discretion of nature, but man-made quartz is guaranteed to have flawless veins and patterns. Quartz countertops are nearly identical to popular natural stone like marble and granite. One of the most common uses for quartz is kitchen island countertops. These are the most popular quartz kitchen countertop islands and design ideas.

Is the 3 cm stone more expensive than 2 cm?

It is, however, the finished cost is typically very similar. The added cost of slabs thicker than 3 cm is offset by the add labor cost of the rolling process use on the 2 cm material. The price of natural stone is primarily influence by its rarity, ease or difficulty of access to the quarry location, and shipping costs. With rare and exotic materials, the price difference between 2cm and 3cm installed counters becomes more apparent as the added cost of the slab exceeds the cost of laminated labor.

What are the “rolling” edges of kitchen and bathroom countertops?

For each finished edge of a 2″ countertop, an additional 1.5″ wide material strip is cut during fabrication. This piece is epoxied to the underside of the countertop along the front edge to create an edge of 4cm (1.5″) thick. Counters are laminate for aesthetic reasons; doubling the thickness makes the counter appear more substantial. A 2cm plywood substrate is require under the countertops, and the laminate drop edge also serves to hide this plywood from view. A list of our 2cm edge laminate details can be view here.

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