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Need to transport your bike and thus, looking for bike transport services? If yes, go through the following blog.  Here, we will discuss how you can find a reliable bike transport in Kolkata. To be more precise, the information below provides you with top tips. These will help find a trustworthy service provider. Reliability is the biggest factor during bike transportation. You must consider it. Without it, you cannot hand over your bike to anyone. Thus, before hiring, check if you can rely on the person you deal with. So, let’s get started. Learn how to find genuine service providers.

Hire Through Someone You Already Know

Have you ever hired someone through your friends or family members? If you haven’t, you know nothing. When it comes to hiring a service provider, you ask the following question. Are they reliable? Can you trust them? And, if it is about transporting your bike, you ask if the bike will be in safe hands.  All of these questions are genuine. You cannot trust someone when meeting for the first time. So, consider doing it through someone you have already known for a reasonable time.

This is the first tip. For reliable transporters, ask your friends, family members, neighbours, etc. Talk to them about your requirements. It works best. Suppose they have faced the same requirement before. They have gone through the bike transport process earlier in their life. Also, they have contact details of the transporters that served them. In that case, they can guide you for the best. You may end up hiring the top professional at your service. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable bike transport services, act on this advice. Next, let’s move on to another piece of wisdom. It is all about verifying if the person is legitimate or legally valid.

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Verify That They Are Legitimate

Suppose a transporter doesn’t have any legal documents. In that case, do you think they are legitimate? Or, in simple language, do you think they are valid or legally reliable? No, they are not. Such a person is not legally reliable. If a person has all the legal papers they must have, you can say that they are valid. You can rely on them because they have all the legal documents. This is legal reliability. In this case, the person can be relied on according to the possession of valid legal documents. And, it is crucial to check before hiring.

To find if a transporter is legitimate or legally reliable, consider the following. Make sure they can provide you with,

  • IBA Approval
  • GST Related Documents and GST Registration Number
  • Company’s Valid Documents, i.e. valid registration number, etc.
  • Pan Card of the Company
  • Personal ID Proof, i.e. Aadhaar Card and Pan Card
  • Other Legal Certificates and Approvals

This is how you check if a transporter is legally valid or not. To help you understand the significance of this advice, consider the following. GST is mentioned above. Do you know how much it helps to look at GST documents to check a service provider’s authenticity? If you don’t, the following activity is for you. Search for the GST registration process on the internet and study how complicated it is. A business owner has to furnish a lot of legal documents before GST registration. Thus, stick to the advice. Don’t skip it. Once you have done this, let’s move on to the next piece of advice.

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Ensure They Have Experience in the Field

To check reliability, another thing is experience.  Take into consideration how long a person has been serving in society. If a company has been operating for a long time, it must have experience. Besides, it must hold extensive expertise in the concerned field. Thus, look for such a service provider. Ensure that they have considerable experience and extensive expertise.

Experienced and Knowledgeable service providers are often reliable. They believe in serving you in the most honest way possible. If there is a better way to serve you, they will choose that way. Losing their profit is acceptable to such service providers. But they cannot afford to lose their reputation before customers. That is because they don’t want to spoil their market. They wish that they keep doing business the same way all the time. In short, to maintain their reputation and goodwill, experienced transporters remain reliable.

So, if you need car transport services in Kolkata, don’t forget to check. Confirm that the service provider is reasonably experienced. To perform the check, you can refer back to the year when the company was incorporated. Moreover, you can also consider the PAN card of the company. It will help you as well.

Study Past Customers’ Reviews or Feedback

Before purchasing bike transport services, also pay attention to this advice as well. It is important if you want a credible person to transport your bike. The advice is not to hire anyone unless you have studied enough customer reviews.

Suppose you have met an auto transport company. And, you think you should hire it. In that case, take a pause. First, consider going through as many reviews as possible written by past customers. If a company has been operating for a long time, it must have provided its services to many customers so far.

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Thus, take advantage of the same. Such already-been-served customers must have reviewed the services as well. At least, a few or one of them must have provided their feedback. Try to collect such feedback and study it. Find if they are positive or negative. It will help you ensure trustworthiness. If the feedback is favourable, trust the company and vice versa. However, it is not this simple.

Online reviews are mostly fraudulent. So, to be careful in this regard, ensure they are genuine. Look for the details of the customer who posted the review. Try to collect as many contact details of such customers as possible. Visit such people and talk to them face to face. That will help ensure the authenticity of the feedback you come across during your study.

Finally, if a lot of people reply positively, know that the transporter is a valid service provider. And thus, you can rely on them and their services.

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