Best Selling Work Boots For Men & Women

One of the most exposed parts of the body in various types of work are the feet, so each employee, depending on their activities, must be protected with the best safety boots, those specially designed to reduce the possibility of any type of injury that could affect the limb.

Currently, the legislation in most countries requires the employer to provide this type of clothing to the worker, which is why employers must strive to find an appropriate model for the employee and that at the same time has an affordable price.

With so much variety on the market, finding the ideal safety footwear can be a complicate task, especially when the exact needs of the employees are not know, since it is not enough to acquire a generic model that you think can serve everyone.

To choose the shoe, several factors must be consider, such as anti-slip capacity, comfort, durability or level of toe protection. If you are looking for it for personal use, perhaps to take them during a walk in rural areas with small animals, perhaps you are interest in them being soft, high-cut or not so heavy, in short, each individual has their requirements, so a risk assessment must be make on the place of exposure.

Another important factor is that this type of footwear complies with legal regulations and that workers in turn give it the correct use, also knowing the importance of why they should have it on.

The Best Safety Boots

What are the best safety boots?

To help you make the best decision, we have make a comparison between those pairs that stand out for their functionality, good quality, and for being manufacture according to establish standards that guarantee that the footwear is appropriate. So read on for our suggestions when it comes to safety boots:

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Here are the best safety boots:

Cat Footwear Holton SB

It is one of the most prominent brands in the industry and the position has been earn by offering clothing that is resistant to different occupational environments.

The boots are make of leather and lined inside with fabric. They are super comfortable and lightweight work boots perfect for people with wide feet.

The cut of the boot reaches the ankle so you will reduce the risk of suffering sprains or similar injuries, also the toe is resistant, it has perforation protection and non-slip sole.

It is a very nice pair of boots; they are available in four shades and in sizes from 40 to 46. They are not exactly cheap, but their good quality makes the investment worthwhile.

Black Hammer S3 safety boots

As they have a composite tip, they are ultra light. They are perfect to wear with winter socks or ankle socks to keep your feet warm.

Despite not being waterproof, the boots respond well against splashes, rain, or walking on wet surfaces.

The design is quite robust; it has a padded interior, good seams and long laces that strengthen the fit.

The price is affordable, and considering its quality. It is one of the options that could not be missing from our list.

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