Bathroom Must-Have’s You Need To Take Note Of

Your bathroom is, arguably, the most important area in your home. It gives you an extra layer and privacy that you need in an accessible way. On top of that, it also serves as an essential space for all things personal and sanitary. And so, it has to be kept well-maintained at all times. When it comes to maintenance, material is key. This is why sturdy ones such as aluminum are the usual go-to.

Aside from the materials, it is also best to take note of some of the features that need extra care and preservation. At the end of the day, your home is a place that you will potentially keep forever. So, it is completely expected that you keep it to its best state at all times.

So, what are these features? 

Heated Floors

A heated tile floor is a delightful and easy way to warm your toes on a cold morning, especially as you can program and control the temperature effortlessly from a thermostat on the wall. You also save a great deal of space in your bathroom as there is no need for baseboard heaters. You can decide where everything should go, with far greater design freedom as a result.

Bathroom Space

Even the smallest of bathrooms can be made to feel spacious with the use of pale paints and tiles, extra lighting, and cleverly positioned mirrors. You may also want to consider turning your bathroom into a wet room or replacing the bath with a large shower cubicle to provide more space and help the room feel bigger than it is. 

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To keep as much floor space clear as possible, for a more minimalist look, consider products such as wall-hung toilets and wall-hung basin units – these items have the added bonus of making cleaning your bathroom that bit easier too. ultra-slim bidet attachment.


Ideally, you want all your bathroom accessories to hand in but without the clutter, this sometimes creates, so it’s a good idea to design stores in your bathroom wisely. An over-the-sink unit is good as items that take up wall space rather than floor space work best for holding all your toiletries, paper rolls, and accessories – another option is to invest in a few pretty or quirky (whatever your style) boxes or baskets to hold all your bath and shower products, and that provides the added benefit of enhancing the overall look of your bathroom.


An on-the-wall thermostat in a bathroom will guarantee the maximum comfort you can imagine getting from your underfloor heating. Pop the heating controller on before using the bathroom to tiptoe across a nice and warm floor to the bath or if you have a Smart WiFi controller, get your heating controlled automatically on behalf of you. The 4iE Smart thermostat will have identified rooms in the heating program and know when you leave home and when you come back to alter the heating accordingly, saving you thereby an interesting percentage on your energy bills.

Heated Towel Warmer Rails

A heated towel warmer means warm towels within grabbing distance, as you step out of a hot shower. Forget damp towels that take an age to dry on a basic towel rail, and get used to being able to reach for a warm towel from a heated towel warmer rail whenever you want. Rails work well with modern and traditional bathrooms alike, and every heated towel warmer rail comes with an installation set for a really easy, smooth installation.

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While a window can provide a natural and cost-effective form of ventilation – it is not always possible to position one in the bathroom. In those situations, a vent fan is a definite must. In fact, it would be a smart idea to include a vent fan even if the room does have a window. Not only will it allow you to contain unpleasant smells and eliminate them quickly, but it will also help to avoid moisture accumulation – which can cause mold if not dealt with properly.

Mirror Defoggers

When you’re in a hurry, it can seem like it takes a long time for the condensation to clear from the mirror, following a hot bath or shower. A Mirror Defogger is a thin film that has an adhesive backing. You can just attach the film to the back of the mirror and the defogger system stops the mirror from steaming up in the first place so you can see yourself clearly after a hot shower.

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re moving into a new home, expecting company, or giving an epic housewarming present, these bathroom essentials outline everything you need in a well-stocked, guest-ready powder room.

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