All You Need To Know About Sandhan Valley Trek

The magnificent valley is situated in Maharashtra state in Ahmednagar district. Sandhan Valley is nothing but a valley of shadows as the sun rays won’t reach inside the valley. This spectacular canyon in the ranges of Sahyadri is worth doing adventurous trekking and camping. You don’t just do trekking here but also rock climbing and rappelling are the attractions. This beautiful gauge is between Alang Malang and Kulang this trail is very much offbeat and best for photographic lovers.

Quick Overview

Location: Ahmednagar District, Samrad Village, Maharashtra

Altitude: Deep descending valley trek of around 200feet and 2 km long

Trek Time: About 5 hrs

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Best Time To Do Sandhan Valley Trek

You can do this trek all around the year yet except the summer season as the temperature is quite high and it will be scorching heat so it’s better to avoid the summer season for this trek. If you want to enjoy this trek thoroughly then winter and monsoon seasons are the best time to visit Sandhan Valley.

How to reach

The Sandhan valley trek will start from the Samrad village for you first need to reach Kasara or Igatpuri first.

By Road – You can book a self-drive car straight to Samrad village. The distance from the Sandhan valley to Mumbai is around 200km that can be easily covered in 4 to 5 hrs. If you are coming from Mumbai or Pune then public transport is also a convenient option up to Igatpuri. From there, buses are available to Bhandhardara and from here you will need to take a shared jeep to Samrad Village. 

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By Rail – Take a train from Mumbai to Kasara you can take Kasara fast train from Churchgate in Mumbai. After getting down at Kasara you will need to book a shared jeep to Samrad. You can also avail a long-distance train which will lead you to Igatpauri.

By Flight – Flight is not the option for Sandhan valley as there is no nearby airport, but you can get down to Pune by plane, and then by road, you need to reach Sandhan valley.

Trekking Route to Sandhan Valley

Once you will start your trek from Samrad village you will reach into shallow water bodies which are 2 to 4 feet in height. In this trek you will come across the Tarzan swing point, you can rappel and use a rope ladder after which you need to do some cave crawling. Then you need to slope down and walk on the rocky trail. There are some deep water pools to wade in between. After going through this rocky trail you will reach a camping site. From here you will get a mesmerizing view of other hills.

Getting Back from Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley trek is quite a steep trek which goes through the pond and gentle slopes and a river bed trek then reach Denhe village from where the buses are available to Asangaon station. You can also return through the same trail and get to Samrad village to get a shared jeep back to your destination or you can extend your stay at Bhandardhara for an extended vacation.


Here is the gross idea about the expenses 

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For Travel – A self-driven car from Mumbai to Bhandradara with a return trip will cost you around Rs 5000 to 8000. The train tickets will cost you around 1000 to 1200 rs with return fare.

Sharing jeep will charge you 50 rs per person approx bus tickets from Bhandardhara from Mumbai will cost you around 600 to 800 rs.


You can do overnight camping in your tent at the gorge campsite. Even a homestay facility is available in Samrad Village it will cost you around Rs 500 to Rs800 per night. At Bhandardhara home stay facility start at around 1000rs.


During the journey, the food is almost cost around Rs 200 to Rs 600.

Sandhan Valley Trek Package

 A tentative package to Sandhan valley is around Rs 1600 to Rs 2000.

Places to Stay

If you want to enjoy the camping experience that to under the stars then come with your camping gear and enjoy the overnight stay. There are no luxurious hotels or stays nearby but you can have decent homestays to stay. You can even try MTDC hotels that are quite cheaper and comfortable. If you are seeking luxury hotels then you plan your stay at Ananadvan Resort at Bhandardhara.

So, don’t leave the opportunity to travel to this ravishing Sandhan Valley trek and enjoy your stay.

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