YouTube Keyword Research: Steps on How to Get More Video Views

How To Get More Video Views Using YouTube Keyword Research?

We have added over 28,000 new subscribers in the past calendar year…

…and the majority of how people discover our videos and channels is via YouTube search.

This is that when users input a keyword for example “how can I increase buy twitter followers uk Facebook engagement on Facebook” “…

…our video was the first organically appearing in search results and that’s how people find our channel and videos.

Today, we’ll reveal the steps we do with each video we produce to make them more efficient and rank them using YouTube keyword search.

This is to ensure that you will start to see similar results from your videos.

We’ve got a 6 procedure for you to follow to help you go from nothing to having optimized and highly rated YouTube videos.

We’ll take a look at each in depth however, one common thread that you’ll encounter during the course of the study is YouTube keyword study.

Let’s begin by defining what YouTube keyword research actually means quickly.

What Is YouTube Keyword Research?

YouTube keywords research involves the method of determining what keywords are searched the most by your targeted public…

…as they are related to your services or products.

If, for instance, you are selling knitting equipment You might want to be aware of how often “how to knit a sweater” is searched for on YouTube.

If there’s a significant amount of traffic, it might be worth making an instructional video to bring interested viewers to your channel and your brand.

Before we go overboard Let’s go ahead and start six s.

6 s In YouTube Keyword Research

1. Write down key words or search terms being searched on YouTube. 2. Search for most popular, highest-ranked videos.
3. Write your script or prepare the way you usually prepare to film.
4. Make sure that your video is optimized to your key phrase.
5: Use VidIQ to create tags.
6. Create a fantastic thumbnail.

1. List down key words or phrases being searched on YouTube.

There are several methods to accomplish this.

The tool that we employ is keywordtool.io.

It’s one of the very few applications that allow you to conduct keyword research both for Google as well as YouTube.

Following our example from earlier, let’s say that we’d like to see how many people type into “how to knit” on YouTube.

Make sure YouTube is the engine you choose and then type that key word in the search box.

It will tell you how many times the keyword is searched for in one month, as well as different variations of it to think about.

You could, for instance, create a series of videos on this subject. You could create an instructional video about:

  • knitting for beginners
  • How to knit cast on and cast off
  • the process of knitting a scarf and
  • How do you knit an entire blanket.

You can make a second video tutorial on knitting an easy blanket, the list could go on and on.

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The general guideline is to try to create videos for subjects with at least 1,000 searches to a maximum of.

However, what if you discover something with a search volume of, say 800 or so and is growing?

This is a great moment to get involved as the first one to create a fantastic video on this topic…

…and make the most of the increased traffic coming through on the keyword.

Another aspect to take a look at in Keyword Tool Keyword Tool is the competition.

It will inform you the difference between high, medium or low. This tells you if there’s numerous other websites making videos about the subject, or if there are a handful or even a tiny amount.

The key is to locate a topic relevant to your area of expertise and has with a large amount of search traffic and has little competition.

However, this isn’t always the situation.

In general, if the search volume is high it means that the competition will be moderate or even high.

That’s okay You’ll need to compensate with the content you add to your film, something we’ll go to later.

The Keyword Tool is not free. It is a premium program that we utilize.

Check out the prices on their website to determine which plan will be the best fit for your needs And no, this blog post is not sponsored by them.

We really like and utilize this tool.

Another tool to mention which we use frequently during this process can be VID IQ.

There are free and paid plans you can select according to what you require.

They are also used for a number of purposes, that you’ll see in the rest of this article.

What we love about is that they provide an extension available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Their tools are easy to access, fast and easy to access the information we require at any time we require it.

When we look at our monitor We’ve added the extension to our computer so when we type “how to knit for beginners” on YouTube…

…there’s plenty of data that are automatically loaded the data from Vid IQ.

This tool will also display the level of competition for the keyword you’re searching for…

…and provide some statistics on the video that received the most views for the search term.

If you then click on one of the videos that rank the highest the video will be automatically loaded with additional information that you can explore.

However, before we get ahead of ourselves Let’s get to the next part of the YouTube keyword research guides.

2. Go through the top-ranked videos that are already available.

To accomplish this, start an incognito browser, and ensure that you’re not signed into Google and YouTube.

You shouldn’t have your personal algorithm bias to play in results of your search.

It is recommended to type in the keywords you’re researching and then note down the videos that rank highest on YouTube.

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You’ll notice that it’sn’t always the videos that have the most views that get the top spot.

This is since YouTube SEO and the way you optimize YouTube videos are a major matter.

You’ll want their videos for the following 3 points:

For a look at what they have to say on the clip. Do they include any crucial suggestions in addition to the principal subject? Jot down their most important topics of discussion.

To find out what other, more subtle, yet still relevant keywords they’re using within the video.

To determine exactly how long this video runs.

It is then time to apply what’s known as the Skyscraper method.

We’ve discussed this previously in our blogs, however if new to the site you should know that the Skyscraper method is basically the process of taking existing content.

Then you can make yours larger and better than that of the content originally.

In YouTube’s case YouTube this means that you have to cover all the topics that they discuss in their videos within your own video and so on.

In addition, you can extend your video in length.

The aim is to create a video that is attractive to users as well as YouTube.

The first step is by making your video more useful to the audience by adding additional tips and information within the video.

You can also be on YouTube’s good side when you make your YouTube video more long.

YouTube is always looking to improve their watch time and keep users on the platform as long as they can.

Therefore, if your video assists you do this better than another, smaller video related to the same subject you’re more likely to place your video in the top position.

3. Create your script or prepare in the same way that you prepare for film.

We all know that not everyone creates a script, but some individuals just sit at their desks and start writing.

In any case you’ll want to be sure that you’ve covered all subjects you planned to address earlier .

Also, include any additional keywords your competitors have used.

A few things they can be doing to create your videos bit longer or more useful can be to add:

  • screenshots,
  • screenshares,

…and others of you performing exactly the same thing you’re talking about.

Also, make sure to check out our article on how to boost YouTube engagement following the launch of this…

…because it contains helpful tips in this article that you’ll need to follow while creating your script.

Once you’ve got the script down and the video shot and edited, you’re now ready to begin uploading.

But before we move on to the next series of s, here’s remind yourself to take a look at our latest Social Media Ads Training Course to master social media advertising.

4. Make sure your video is optimized for your key phrase.

If the time comes to upload your film on YouTube, you’ll want to include your primary keywords and variations in the following:

  • title,
  • description of the description, and
  • chapter timestamps.
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The chapter time stamps we’ve included as part of this because , in some cases, your time stamp may also be ranked on google’s results for search…

…not just YouTube’s, as long as it’s helping to answer the query of someone using Google.

It’s also great to help you market YouTube channels with videos.

Google is the owner of YouTube…

…so should you be able to profit from visitors from the two search engines at one go, because you have optimized your video properly it’s fantastic.

Keep at heart that need everything to be logical.

You shouldn’t just put keywords all over the place just to get them in the right place.

We spoke about this in our digital marketing case study post and this is known as keyword stuffing.

It’s a felony and YouTube and Google can punish you for when they discover you’re engaging in this behavior.

Instead, you should write your own description in order to precisely describe your video.

In doing this it is possible to seamlessly incorporate your targeted keywords into the video since that’s exactly what your video is all about.

Then, before leaving the page with your description, go to the following .

5: Use VidIQ to create tags.

YouTube claims that “Tags are descriptive keywords you can add to your video to help viewers find your content.”

You can use up to 500 characters in tags which is why you should be careful when choosing the tags.

If you’ve got VID IQ installed it, you can create tags and then click on the VID IQ button to

  • Examine it carefully,
  • check out the statistics for the keyword check out the statistics on that keyword
  • Get other tag ideas you can quickly add

…by clicking the plus symbol.

Then YouTube has declared that tags aren’t as crucial for SEO as your title or description, but each bit of help you, don’t you think?

Therefore, why not put them all in one huge SEO force?

The last thing we check before pressing the Publish button is the thumbnail.

6. Create a fantastic thumbnail.

Don’t just pick any of the preset choices YouTube provides you with your video.

You’re looking to create one that

  • is captivating, and
  • Your keyword is included in the thumbnail since YouTube will buy 500 twitter followers uk read the text on your thumbnails. YouTube reads the text on.

Did you know? This means that your thumbnail may have SEO-related value as well.

Another aspect we use with our thumbnails is that we run all our thumbnails using Google’s Cloud Vision AI tool.

This will ensure that we receive all positive marks for this Safe Search component from YouTube’s parent company.

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