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China Yiwu International Trade Market is located in Zhejiang Province, China, and is one of the largest small commodity markets in the world, full of Yiwu small products with 8 million square meters and a business area of ​​over 75,000 booths. Some people may ask, can I get what I want from the Yiwu market? I basically say yes. The Yiwu market has over 2 million items, so 10,000 new items are updated per day.

There are many Yiwu agents in the China Yiwu market, many of them from different cities in China. Some of them buy from direct factories, some from direct factories. But whether they are a direct factory or not, you can always get the goods at low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), so you don’t have to worry about having to buy many of one item. If you are new to Yiwu, you should be able to get a reliable, professional  Yiwa agent or guide, and you can have a plan in advance. Then get your procurement plan done perfectly, don’t waste time finding the item you want to be fast, or maybe lost only when you go there.

The Best Yiwu Sourcing Agents in China

The owners of almost all import and export companies are thinking about the Yiwu International Trading City. It is the largest wholesale market for large and small products Accessories like crafts, toys, textiles and other products. In this article we explain a comprehensive guide on how to get the best sourcing agent for your export business.

We surveyed the 10 best procuring companies in Yiwu

  1. Goldenshiny Trading

Goldenshiny is a professional sourcing agent in Yiwu, China. The featured service they provided is OSSS, which is One-Stop Sourcing Service. With this service, they will provide customers who come to Yiwu market: airport pickup, Yiwu market guide, order tracking, quality control, warehouse facility, container loading, China customs and shipping. Their slogan is Help you import from China easier and simpler. They have an official website, YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, Instagram and Twitter to market their business on the internet. On the other side, you could also see their ads on google, YouTube, and Facebook. 

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Service review:

  1. Airport pickup
  2. Yiwu market guide, 
  3. Order tracking
  4. Quality control
  5. Warehouse facility
  6. Container loading
  7. China customs
  8. Shipping.

Goldenshiny responds on WhatsApp very fast, and thei commission is very reasonable. They create a WhatsApp group for each customer to confirm orders. There are WhatsApp and email buttons on their website for customers to click and contact them immediately if you are interested.

  1. Lee line Sourcing

Lee line sourcing is one of the top sourcing agents from China. They are the best companies and professional Yiwu agent. That’s because it’s not limited to a particular product.

Regardless of the product you are buying / importing, Lee line sourcing can help you with it. It is also not limited to any particular city or market.So, no matter where you are or the quality of the product you want to buy, they can help you buy your product. We also deal with Chinese suppliers and have your product shipped to your country.

Service review:

Lee line sourcing We offer a wide range of services. They can cover all trading, importing, and inspection processes for you.The scope of their service is as follows:

1) Transactions with suppliers.

2) Arrange for meetings.

3) Negotiated price.

4) Quality check.

5) Free warehouse storage.

6) Arrangement of export documents.

7) Arrange delivery.

8) Import the document.

LeelineSourcing offers all of these services at a low price. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about imports from the Yikara market. Their services are not limited to these. Leelinesourcing can customize and arrange any service according to your requirements.

  1. Trendy Mius

Trendy Mius is a local sourcing agent company based in Yiwu. They have been operating for over years and offer a wide range of agent sourcing services. They are a reliable company and you can browse the website to get a better idea of ​​their price.

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Service review:

1) Trendimius covers a wide range of services.

2) They cover all your needs you may request from a sourcing agent.

3) Their service begins with finding the right product in the Yi Wu market.

  1. Jing Sourcing

Jing Sourcing is another Yiwu agent sourcing service in China. They offer a wide range of services ranging from delivery to packaging, searching for the right product, and negotiating. They cover the needs of all Chinese markets. If you want the process to be smoother and more efficient, you can consider them.

Service review:

Jing Sourcing is a complete agent sourcing service that covers all your needs. They provide many services such as contacting suppliers, price negotiations, quality inspections, custom packaging and more.

1) A quick and effective estimate.

2) Quality check.

3) Free warehouse storage.

4) Arrange for shipping.

  1. Amanda International Group

Amanda International Group is considered the top sourcing agent in the Yiwu market. They are local to Yiwu and run from there.

Service review:

The Amanda Intl Group covers a wide range of services for procuring products from the Yikara market. If you are looking for a Yoshikara agent, they may be a good choice for you.

1) A one-stop shop that meets all your needs.

2) Low fee rate.

3) Years of experience.

  1. Union service

  Union Service is a group, a Chinese procurement agency that provides services for importers to purchase products. It belongs to the Seller Union Group.

Service review:

Union Services provides all the sourcing services you may need. They have many partners that make the purchasing process smoother. We also guarantee that you will only purchase the highest quality products.

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1) Top Yiwu sourcing agent.

2) It belongs to the sellers’ union group.

3) Many partners will help you.

  1. Mino Group

Mino Group is a small Chinese based his sourcing company whose services are located all over the world. The capacity of the products is limited and it helps to procure these products.

Service review:

1) This site is perfect for those who want to purchase low-risk products.

2) They support small quantities and do not have warehousing services.

3) Consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. Sourcing light

Sourcing Light is a small business. They are locally operated in Yiwu and support small orders.

Service review:

1) Sourcinglite offers personalized services to assist you in making purchase decisions, from accommodation arrangements to translators.

2) Small personalized service.

3) Accommodation assistance

  1. My Sourcify

My Sourcify is one of the most premium sourcing companies in China. We provide a wide range of services and provide optimal support. They can also inspect the production process on your behalf. They can cover all products from all over China to any country in the world.

Service review:

1) My Sourcify provides a complete sourcing service.

2) Wide range of services.

3) Online store.

4) Procurement of products.

5) There is no third party involvement.

  1. Goodcan Trading

Good can trade is a local company that supports the markets of Yiwu and Guangzhou. If you want to order from these Yiwu markets, these are the right choices for you.

Service review:

1) Good can trade offer all kinds of sourcing services.

2) Complete sourcing service.

3) It is easy processing.

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