What is the necessity of the Dlink Wifi router and explain its setup?

The Dlink Wifi router provides a high network range through which we can smoothly run the internet on devices. It furnishes 2.4 GHz frequency and 300 Mbps data transfer rate. Moreover, for monitoring the activities on the internet parental control feature is used via   the N technology. With the help of the router, we can operate the internet or wifi network on different devices at a time. With the help of its LAN ports, we can connect the devices through an ethernet port. We can enjoy unlimited streaming through its high-speed network range.It’s dimensions 285 x 196 X 48mm.

 If you don’t have ISP or DSP connection and you want to connect your network to the router, then the PPPoE option will help to connect the routers. If, you want to extend  your internet network to large areas, so WAN port provides this facility. The setup of this router is easy, you can easily set up your router itself through its manual.  

The setup procedure of the Dlink router

There are the following steps to set up the router which are: Firstly,  turn on the power button of the router, then connect it to the wifi or LAN cable which joins the LAN ports of your device. After that, go to the web browser dlinkrouter.local and type your router default address that is mentioned on the backside of your router. Now a page opens and types your  wifi connection, your existing user name, and password. Moreover, in the SSID typer your router name and password, then save and click on next.

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Meanwhile, again a new page opens in which type user name that is admin and laid out the password blank. This guidance is also mentioned on the backside of your router. Then click on the login and a window appears that automatically detects the IP  address and shows all details about your router. Finally, connect your wifi network to the router and it is ready to work.  

Mindblowing facts of the Dlink router 

 The Dlink router offers numerous features that provide safety for our important information from intruders. At a time it connects about 75 devices that is it great fact. This router also supports Alexa and is compatible for our homes and offices. The size of the router is compact that can be easily adjusted in any little space. The position of the router’s antennas can be changed if there is any network problem.

You can set up the dlink router easily just go to webpage dlinkap.local and log in. Now your router is ready to connect with the network. At any moment, you face any massive problem with the router you can reset the router only by just pushing the reset button and taking a few seconds to solve this problem. The setup procedure of the Dlink router is fast, so can easily go through its steps in a few minutes. Sometimes due to the more distance between the router and the devices, it is not properly connected, therefore place your router and devices close to each other.

 Working of the LED lights of the router

If the WPS LED of the router blinks the green light it indicates that it is connected to your device whereas, the red light shows that the router is not properly connected. On the other hand, if the router’s LAN light blinks green it indicates that it is connected to your devices. Otherwise, it blinks red light if not connected. In case, the internet LED light blinks red, so it indicates that you are facing an internet issue. 

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Technical specifications of the Dlink router

The Dlink router provides WPA or WPA2 security to your important information. This router uses the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, bands. If you want to stream videos and games that require high speed of the network, therefore you can use the 5 GHz band. Moreover, you can use the 2.4 GHz band for normal speed tasks.     


 The Dlink Wifi router is one of the high network range routers through which you can easily stream videos, games, and many more things without any network issue. This router is the latest version and it supports smartphones, TVs, etc. If you want to share important documents, files, articles, etc with different users, so the router is very helpful for sharing this information by connecting the different devices. The router setup is easy, so we can smoothly run the devices.

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