Quick Setup Instructions for the TPLink Deco M9 Plus Mesh WiFi System

The Deco M9 Plus from TPLink is a router that arrives with three-pack units. All three units combine to form a single network with its modern Mesh technology. It expands the WiFi signal to around 6500 square feet. Thereby, banish the dead spot of your home or workplace. The tri-band device gives a throughput of around 2200 MBps. Deco catches the superior network for your device by itself. A dynamic backhaul of about 1.5 GBps assures a steady and stable internet connection. It operates as a hub for your working place. It is apt to tackle even the busiest network traffic and deliver a lag-free WiFi network. 

You will experience bufferless streaming even when 100 devices are connected in real-time. The small and round pack design gives a modern and stylish look wherever it is installed. It is much faster than the previous generation of routers. The Mesh WiFi system is compatible with Alexa. So, you will operate it just by delivering the voice commands. The app setup is total peace of mind. The built-in antivirus protection secures your connection from malware and other malicious activities. The setup of the TPLink Deco is as follows.

TPLink Deco M9 Plus Setup Instructions

Before going to set up the device, ensure that you have disabled the power saving mode on your mobile phone. Assure you had an internet connection. After assuring both, you are now prepared to set up the Deco. Download the Deco app from the store compatible with your OS. After the successful installation of the app, open it.  The tplink login or signup interface reveals. Touch the Signup icon to register with a TPLInk ID. If you previously had an account, then just do the login. Next, touch let’s begin to continue. The next page with TPLink Deco products shows. Select M9 Plus from it. On the next interface, it will show the packaging details of the product indicating the device as well as cable. Hit next and power off your modem.

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Now attach one unit of Deco to the modem employing an ethernet wire. Turn on both the Deco device as well as a modem. When both devices restart, touch next. Remain for the internet light to get stable on the modem and then touch internet LED is stable on the app. Reach to the mobile phone settings and turn on the Bluetooth function. 

Follow the Deco M9 Plus Screen Instructions

Remain quiet until you observe blue light on the Deco. Now touch Deco LED light is pulsing blue. Your mobile phone detects the Deco device and initiates the process to connect it. If blue light does not pulse, then reset the Deco device. Your Bluetooth version should be 4.0 or higher for connectivity. Otherwise, switch to the other mobile device. Once connected, pick the spot where you are going to install the Deco. The Deco will catch the internet connection type provided by the ISP. The connection type is static, dynamic, or PPPoE. Tap next after selecting the internet connection type. The next interface with IPTV/VLAN settings will open. 

Choose the default MAC address or type it manually. It is suggested to keep the MAC address the same. Now, it’s time to name your WiFi network and passphrase. Connect your mobile phone with the new network and then touch Next. Deco will detect the internet connection. That’s it, you had successfully set up the device using the tp-link deco app. On the last, touch I am done now to finish the setup operation. Follow the same procedure as we mentioned above to add more Deco units. 

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Deco M9 Plus Review

The Deco M9 is an excellent performer that comes with a price point of about 169 dollars. After looking for the review for more than two weeks, I finally decided to purchase it. It works as an automation hub and therefore, I installed three units in my office. It is super easy to install. The dedicated backhaul band, inbuilt virus and malware protection, parental control, robust speed through testing, and Alexa compatibility are the eye-catching features of this device. All things in this mesh system are good except the price and combined radio bands. Bands cannot be separated and the price is much higher as compared to others. You can get other devices with the same features at this price. I prefer buying this device in ongoing sales. It would be an amazing deal.

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