Ways to Get More Views, Engagement and Shares on Your Facebook Videos

With Facebook always evolving and adding new features and features, your video marketing strategy will need to change as well.

With Facebook always evolving and adding new and features, your video marketing strategy will need to change as well. More than 80 billion video or 100 million hour’s video watch on Facebook every single day. These numbers were announced in the beginning of last year, and you can imagine how much bigger the numbers are now as Facebook continues to expand and boost its video content. Buy Facebook Likes Uk as well to increase your video’s engagement.


It’s the ideal time to take more in depth review of Facebook video and the best way to make videos more engaging for users using the social media platform.


With Facebook videos being the number one priority for marketers in the year 2017 We’d like to assist you in gaining advantage of this trend that is growing. In this article we’ll teach you 17 concrete ways to increase views engagement, shares and engagement on your Facebook videos.


17 Best Facebook video tips to get more views, shares, and engagement

With Facebook always changing and adding new features and features, you videos marketing plan must evolve also. Watch the video below as well as the latest advice to help you make videos that will captivate your viewers:


  • create square-shaped videos
  • Get people’s attention within the first 3 seconds
  • Captions can be added on your YouTube videos
  • Let viewers tap on the screen to listen for audio
  • Pay attention to one crucial aspect
  • Upload your videos natively
  • Craft a descriptive title
  • Create an Facebook-specific copy
  • Provide a preview of the video within your copy
  • Include a call-to-action
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1. Create square videos

This year, we spent $1500 to learn the factors that make videos effective through social media.


We observed we found that square videos were more successful than landscape videos with regard to view count, engagement, and reach, particularly on mobile devices. We aren’t the only ones to notice these results.


Here’re a couple possible reasons:

  • More than 92 % of Facebook users make use of Facebook on their mobiles each day.
  • Mobile video consumption has increased by 233 percent since 2013 and nearly half the video views happen on mobile.
  • Square videos consume 78 % more space within News Feeds on mobile. News feed on smartphones devices than on desktop.
  • With increasing numbers of users watching videos on their smartphones, it’s great to try out square videos to determine whether they can improve your video’s performance. You may want to think about making vertical videos as Facebook is currently showing bigger previews for vertical videos in the News Feed on mobile devices..


  • We’ve used Animoto to create easy short videos. We also use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for more professional-looking videos.


2. Get people’s attention in the first 3 seconds

Facebook videos autoplay to grab viewers’ attention and entice them to continue watching.


Therefore the Facebook video you upload must be awe-inspiring in the initial few seconds that will captivate your viewers, even without sound.


BestFollowersUk has grown into an expert in it. Here’s how they’ve achieved it:


Excellent thumbnails BestFollowersUk provides custom thumbnails, which does an excellent job of capturing attention when they scroll across their newsfeed.

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The video is teased by giving a brief post updates: Sometimes it’s the title of the video (if it’s compelling enough). Sometimes, they reveal what the video’s topic is.

Instant start: BestFollowersUk isn’t wasting time in grabbing the attention of viewers. The first frame is already designed to stimulating the interest of viewers.

Here’s a recent example that has received greater than 8.7 million views as of the moment of writing:




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