Tree Pruning Why, How And When To Do It

Pruning of non-fruit trees is not very common, and it is recommend that it be done by a professional. There is a lot of specialized literature on how to prune trees. But to save you time, we have compiled the best tips. And tricks to get your trees in shape and always keep them healthy.

Why do you have to prune trees?

Pruning ensures that the plant receives enough oxygen and light, and thus prevents fungal infestation. It also favors the growth of thick and stable branches. Thus, the tree grows in a controlled way and develops a beautiful crown.

Rotten, diseased and dead branches are a breeding ground for disease, and are dangerous because they can break off on their own. In older trees, the canopy tends to become very dense, tall or wide, causing excessive shade and a high humidity microclimate in your garden. The result: moss spreads on the trunk and branches.

Another reason to prune a tree is that it provides too much shade or the branches grow against the wall of your house.

Protect road areas

Landowners should avoid potential hazards that their trees may cause. For example, they are obliged to remove dead branches, pay attention to the stability of the trees and, in case of doubt, consult a Tree Services Melbourne. Remove all branches that could represent a danger to others and that protrude, for example, over roads or paths.

When to carry out tree pruning?

When deciding when to prune trees, the season of the year plays an important role. Although it is possible throughout the year, it is especially useful in summer, autumn or winter.

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Deciduous tree in a garden in autumn

Pruning in summer allows pruning wounds to heal better. The warm season is the right time to reduce the size of the crowns and eliminate vertical water shoots. The faster healing process is especially beneficial for thick branches or trees with long healing times, such as ornamental cherry.

However, from August until the leaves begin to change color, it is not recommended to do so, as the tree is transferring nutrients from the leaves to the roots. If you prune the branches with leaves too much, the tree is weakened.

Fall is a good time to prune Tree removal near me as they are free of leaves and you can better see the crown structure and individual branches.

In late winter, from January to early March, trees such as stone, pome and berry fruit trees are better able to withstand pruning as they are overflowing with reserve material. If you have thought about doing it in winter, choose a dry day without frost.

Regulations and protection of birds

Current regulations do not allow comprehensive pruning of hedges and woody plants between March 1 and September 30. However, as long as there are no birds or other animals breeding in the grove. Ornamental and conservation pruning is allow, as well as actions aimed at guaranteeing road safety, which cannot be postpone during this period. However, since each municipality can issue its own tree protection ordinances, we recommend that you consult the municipal regulations before felling or trimming your trees.

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