Tools you will need to change your bathroom basin faucet at home

Tools you will need to change your bathroom basin faucet at home

You will need the following tools to get the job done right:

  • -Towel
  • -New faucet
  • -Pipe wrench or pliers
  • -Ruler or straight edge
  • -Screwdriver -New faucet

You can change your bathroom basin every 7 to 10 years. The lifespan of your sink is 12 years. But mainly if you’re replacing a broken one or using it very frequently this is not long enough. If the water pressure from the hose when washing dishes reduce overtime check for leakage and replace worn out washers under kidneys on both sides (make sure they are tight with only a 1/2″ gap before the test. This is not a complicated job but I’ll be explaining it in steps so you may have to read this if someone will come and see the problems.


Be cautious while removing the old faucets from the sink. Always wear gloves and take care of new screws that are going to screw your faucet into place. those points can break very easily with careless removal or mislocation which might cause more damage with subsequent use of bathroom basin repair tools: If this is done correctly there will be no leaks whatsoever. And you can wash dishes with professional water pressure and an unscathed dishwasher routine.


I hope It’ll help if someone needs the bathroom sink repair instead of buying new ones! Don’t forget to restart the water while removing your old faucet.


How many types of faucets are there

The most commonly used American style bathroom basin faucets are in the 360°, standard single hole and pull-down ceramic cartridges. Then there is also a handheld version which has ball valves, which can use only pot filler type deadbolt types of the faucet where you have to unscrew it from its base for filling water. Because blowout does not occur with this kind of using tools:)

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These two may place your hands under the hot water faucet that you can’t get away as easy or completely. Installing a 360° is much more expensive than the other types because it requires extra labor for configuration and supplies too!


There are three basic styles:

There are three basic styles

1) The Generic: PNL-Push On Lever: This kind of faucets works on all gas pressure systems. Including those using automatic stabilizers (the mains heated boiler system). This type of faucet are usually the most affordable and common kind.


2) Standard 360:” Universal Lever this style is use almost in all systems. You will often see it on new kitchens but why not enough experts know how sophisticated of due diligence that must be with your own plumbing system to use the right tools at each tap? I’ve seen many disasters coming from people who have no idea about understanding their pipes except for plugging them with the wrong kind of faucets.


3) Standard Pull-down: The Delta Faucet because this is a very commonly used pump system. There are many different types that they create such as Shower Head (Delta SPM-SS8R), Flow Control(Delta FPMSFV18 parts kit). However, it is just my opinion that you should have the right tools for your particular toilet when ordering if possible!


The problems with this kind of system are the most extreme and rare problems. Such as hydraulic leaks or bad valves like for example in high-pressure systems and a certain anti-siphon level (if you know what that means), but I will leave it up to your own research needs. This faucet requires simple installation! The neutral left’s off flow works only when using the Delta valve. There are many other brands available, which all differences from in terms of functionality.

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Going for all we can see, if you need to replace the old style or maybe have trouble with it and you are not sure about your valve’s parts number, then this would be another one to look at above all these other brands’ like Badger Butts (off-brand), the American Standard Hardware & Supply Company(They offer good quality faucets deeply discounted in store!).

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