Tips to Know Before Using Nearbuy

Nearbuy is a discount website that offers attractive deals on products from local brands. Anyone can register on their website and purchase products at a lower price. Then they can approach the local brands with the payment details to get their products. But there are so many listings and offers on the website. You could get overwhelmed or miss out on an attractive deal. With this intent, we have prepared these tips to help you. These tips will help you make the most of the website. 

Use mobile to access the website.

Nearbuy connects local brands with people living in the region. So, the Nearbuy offers are all location-based. If you want recommendations for your city, you have to select the city manually when using a PC. However, when you access the site on your phone, you can choose the “Use my current location” feature. The website uses your phone’s GPS to track your location and give personalized recommendations. It will save you from the hassle of selecting your location every time. Moreover, you will also get offers and deals for products popular in your area. It will also help you filter out Nearbuy offers that do not concern you directly. 

Shop by category

You will get recommendations pulled from different categories when you enter the website. Those recommendations are generic and might not be helpful to you. So, you should select the category you want to explore and look for Nearbuy offers and deals their scan QR code. It will make your shopping more intentional and avoid impulse buying. 

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If you only look at generic recommendations and don’t take the time to wade through each section, you won’t get good deals. You could lose a lot of money on products you don’t need. Nearbuy has fashion, jewelry, health, grocery, and entertainment categories. Also, it has deals for restaurants, salons, and spas. They also have offers for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. So, it is necessary to be intentional when looking for Nearbuy offers and deals.

Booking with a single click

There are Nearbuy offers for hotels and movie tickets. You can get hotels at attractive prices you could not otherwise afford. You can book a place at your favorite lodgings on the website without having to go elsewhere. The website allows instant booking and does not ask you to go to the merchant’s company for booking.

Make use of different payment options.

Nearbuy has several payment options to give customers a better user experience. You can use a credit card, debit card, and net banking to purchase products. If you want to order food, you have cash on delivery and can redeem your code at the point of delivery. Depending on the product and convenience, Nearbuy has several options for customers.

Compare cities 

Nearbuy offers you deals from at least 12 cities. So, it is good to check whether the same product is available at a lower price in a nearby city. This tip will work when you want to travel. Hotels across different cities will vary in price, even when they offer the same experience. The price will depend on the location. So, you can stay at a hotel in a nearby city and cut your expenses. In those cases, traveling a hundred kilometers will be worth the money. 

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Read third-party reviews

Just because you find a deal on the website does not mean you should buy it. You live in unique circumstances and situations. So, it is wise to check out third-party sites before you purchase a product or book a hotel for your travels. Sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google reviews will give you an objective picture. People post about their experiences there, and you should find out if the deals work for you and your family. You should see a pattern in the reviews and avoid judging a brand based on a few reviews. So, it is crucial not to let a few reviews skew your judgment. 

It’s best to use such deals apps like the Nearbuy cashback app to save more and enjoy the shopping, dining, and salon experience!

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