Receiving QuickBooks Error H303? Here’s What You Should Do

QuickBooks Desktop has been present within the accounting industry for over three decades. Thousands and countless enterprises worldwide use it to stay an in depth watch on their day-to-day business transactions. Undoubtedly, we are able to say the performance of the QuickBooks Desktop is exemplary; however, at the identical time, its vulnerability to errors and bugs cannot be denied. This blog will discuss QuickBooks error H303, which a user can encounter while accessing the corporate go in the multi-user mode of QuickBooks Desktop. Several factors is behind QuickBooks error code H303, which you may get to understand further, alongside their troubleshooting solutions.

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The error message of QuickBooks error H303 states, “This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.”

What may be the factors causing QuickBooks error code H303?

The followings are the foremost common factors because of which QuickBooks error code H303 takes place:

1. Any workstations are set because the server to host the corporate go into the multi-user mode of QuickBooks Desktop.
2. The Firewall’s security settings are preventing QuickBooks Desktop from connecting to the web.

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What do you have to do to get rid of QuickBooks error H303?

Solution 1: Manually set right the multi-user hosting settings of QuickBooks Desktop

1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop on your workstation.
2. After that, open the File menu.
3. Hover over Utilities within the list of options.
4. Choose the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option.
5. If you notice Host Multi-User Access as an option, don’t choose it.
6. Repeat the steps mentioned above within the same sequence on all other workstations where you notice QuickBooks error H303.
7. After that, launch QuickBooks Desktop on the server computer.
8. Move to the File menu.
9. Hover over Utilities within the list of options.
10. Pick the Host Multi-User Access option.
11. If you discover Stop Hosting Multi-User Access as an option, don’t choose it.

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Solution 2: Make a Firewall port exception for QuickBooks Desktop

1. On your server computer, open the Windows Start menu.
2. Type “Windows Firewall” into the search box and choose Windows Firewall.
3. Choose Advanced Settings from the left bar.
4. Right-click Inbound Rules and choose New Rule from the given options.
5. Choose the Port option so select the subsequent option.
6. confirm that the TCP option is chosen.
7. Enter the actual port number per your QuickBooks year version within the Specific local ports box.
8. Choose the following option.
9. Click on the Allow the Connection option then select Next.
10. If prompted, confirm all profiles are marked. Choose the following option.
11. Make a replacement rule. Name it within the following manner “QBPorts(Year).”
12. Choose the Finish option.
13. At last, you would like to form outbound rules a bit like the way you’ve made inbound rules above.


Suppose you fail to rectify QuickBooks error H303 even after probing both the troubleshooting as mentioned above solutions. therein case, we advise you to urge yourself further assistance fixing it from our QuickBooks technical team at +1-855-856-0042.

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