My Thoughts on the CCNP 350-401 Exam and What I Used to Prepare

This exam consists of 60 questions that a candidate has to solve in 1 hour 45 minutes. The passing score is 70%. It is conducted in Japanese, Simplified Chinese and English. It is designed to check the skills and knowledge on CCNP server products and solutions. It validates skills to manage, troubleshoot, enhance, implement and design the CCNP server products. The candidates who want to acquire the CCNP certification and have not already acquired a previous version of the server Cisco certification are ideal for this certification. Candidates must have expertise in industry standard server technology knowledge from training, hands on experience or participation in other technical events. It is good to go to this website for more information. SPOTO is a reliable platform for all these things.

Exam topics

  1. Identify, describe, and differentiate foundational server architectures and technologies 20%

  • Describe OS architectures
  • Identify blade architecture and technology benefits
  • Describe Scale-Out concepts
  • Describe and differentiate processor technologies, usage
  • Describe and differentiate memory subsystem arch, components
  • Describe and differentiate I/O architectures
  • Describe and differentiate networking concepts and technologies
  • Describe and differentiate storage technologies
  • Describe and differentiate features, performance and usage of server management technologies


  1. Manage, monitor, administer, and operate CCNP server solutions 15%

  • Use CCNP Server Management
  • Manage and maintain components using appropriate tool
  • Manage and maintain firmware and drivers
  • Manage and maintain operating systems
  • Implement service essentials (Insight Remote Support)
  1. Troubleshoot, repair, and replace CCNP server solutions 10%

  • Gather troubleshooting information
  • Evaluate data to determine problem
  • Develop and execute an action plan
  1. Tune, optimize, and upgrade CCNP server solutions 10%

  • Perform system upgrades
  1. Install, configure, set up, and validate CCNP server solutions 15%
  2. Describe and differentiate the functions, features, and benefits of CCNP server products and solutions 30%
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 How to pass the exam?

It needs to study because online assistance on SPOTO is good to understand the mystery of world around us regarding CCNP. When you study CCNP, you come to understand how things work, what are the techniques keep them in working position.

About CCNP

CCNP is the need of every student who is studying CCNP at college level especially. They will be able to avail the assistance through online learning. It provides the academic help of international level or standards. Students use to enjoy working form these attractive aids in which given information is clearly presented and supplemented with relevant, illustration. Each study session contains and wonderful lecture delivery, which provides interesting facts related to the subject studied. The question section of CCNP help limits is readily available to test the student’s understanding of the materials covered in the every section of the exercises.

The innovative activities encourage the students to use the scientific methods or better to say networking methods to apply and extend the theoretical knowledge they have gained. It is the help to technical terms, enhances the students understanding of topics. You can get right assistance here.  It provides the comprehensive guidelines, which are available for each level.

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