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Micro Penis syndrome: Symptoms, Treatment, Procedure, & side effects

Micropenis is a small, abnormally tiny penis that is first discovered during infancy or early childhood. The micropenis describes an unusually small penis with normal penis structure.

So, micro penis syndrome can be a genetic or hormonal issue. In certain patients, the early treatment with hormones can increase the size of the penis to standard length.

Certain men might believe that the micro penis is present, but this isn’t necessarily the situation, and it’s extremely uncommon.

Micro penis in males is with a stretched penile length of 1/3 inches or less. The median SPL of males between 18 to 25 years is 5.25 inches. If you believe you or your child is encountering micro penis syndrome, a Sexologist in Delhi can help you in diagnosing your condition.

Let’s know about micropenis below.

Micro penis Syndrome Symptoms

The most common characteristic of small penis syndrome is the penis measuring smaller than 1.9 cm (0.75 inches) in length at the infancy stage. The average size of the stretched penile for infants can be as long as 3.5 cm (1.4 inches).

Micropenis can be diagnosed if shorter than 2.5 standard deviations lower than the average. For males of adult age, micropenis is a penis that is three inches or less.

Micro penis syndrome could be associated with other health issues due to hormonal issues and genetic (present from birth) ailments, resulting in a range of symptoms. The symptoms in your child will depend on the root cause that caused the micropenis.

Small Penis or Micro penis Syndrome Causes

Hormonal problems are the most prevalent cause of micropenis. Occasionally, micropenis and perhaps other congenital disabilities may arise whenever the mother receives exposure to harmful chemicals during pregnancy.

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Testosterone deficits while pregnancy is generally the root of micropenis and could also induce other genital anomalies.

A testosterone deficiency may develop when a male fetus cannot have enough testosterone. Or if the mother doesn’t produce enough human gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone during pregnancy. Further, the hormone hCG promotes testosterone growth within the fetus.

However, when testosterone levels are average, certain medical conditions may prevent a body from responding correctly. So this is known as androgen insensitivity.

If any of these hormonal problems arise, the penis of male fetuses may have a different development pattern than the usual way.

A male newborn will encounter a spike of testosterone about 0-3 months following the birth. Further, this is a vital stage for penile development. If hormonal abnormalities disrupt this procedure, a newborn might encounter micro penis syndrome.

In rare circumstances, micropenis is unexplained, implying that a physician cannot pinpoint a particular cause.

Since hormone difficulties often induce micropenis, patients with this disorder may have additional symptoms, also.

Sometimes what looks being micro penis syndrome is related to another condition. For instance, a child born with enlargement in the scrotum may appear they have a micropenis. Additionally, the penis might be less apparent due to massive accompanying fat deposits known as buried penis. Further, it can develop in patients with obesity.

How To Diagnose Micro penis Syndrome?

Many people are concerned about the size of their penis. Further, they often believe that they’re less than average, even when they’re not.

If someone suspects that they may have a micropenis, they might want to visit a doctor who can make accurate measurements and determine the cause. A doctor can usually detect micropenis from birth, but it can be diagnosed later.

Suppose doctors suspect that there is a case of micro penis syndrome. In that case, they will test the length stretched by the baby’s penis and then look for any other indications of hormonal imbalances.

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If the penis of a newborn is unusually small, the doctor can conduct tests to determine the cause, such as:

  • Physical examinations: Besides checking the penis, a physician might also look for other indications like unusual growths or fat pads.
  • Blood Test: They could help the doctor assess the baby’s hormone levels. Doctors can perform tests for genetics to determine the infant’s natural sexual orientation. In rare instances, babies that appear to be having micropenis could be intersex or suffer from an abnormality in the sex chromosome.
  • Imaging scans: Pelvic ultrasound or MRI scan looks into the genitals and encircling structures. To know more, visit

Other diagnoses for micropenis are:

  • Buried penis, where fat pads hide the real dimension of your penis
  • webbed penis, in which there is an additional layer of skin that connects the penis to the scrotum
  • trapped penis, meaning there isn’t enough skin around the penis

Small Penis Syndrome Treatment

The small penis syndrome aims to increase the size of the penis, ensuring that a person has a functioning penis and is confident.

A doctor might recommend these treatments for micro penis syndrome:

Hormone therapy

Testosterone treatments often aid in allowing the penis to develop. Applying testosterone creams to the genitals in early life or giving intramuscular testosterone injections may increase the size of the penis.

Testosterone treatments are more efficacious before puberty rather than afterwards.

Doctors might consider that a satisfactory result from testosterone therapy is a 100% growth in penis length or an adequate response of the equivalent of a 3.5-centimetre increment in size.

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Different hormone treatments could help based on the root of micropenis; therefore, the patient must receive an exact diagnosis.


If hormonal treatments don’t work, surgery might be an option. The doctor may insert an implant in the penis, which could cause it to appear larger than it did before. However, this procedure comes with an increased risk of complications.

If you’re a man pondering surgery to restore your micropenis, ensure you know the procedure’s benefits and risks for your specific situation.

Primary doctors, pediatric endocrinologists, and surgeons should inform parents of the different options and possible results when needed.

Micro penis Syndrome Treatment Effects

Someone who has shown good results from hormone therapy and whose penis size has significantly increased cannot be eligible to undergo lengthening the penis surgery. In addition, a patient is suitable for hormonal therapy only when a physician has decided that the patient will benefit from hormonal therapy.

The negative side effects of treatment could be dry, itchy skin and changes to bowel habits, increased thirst, unusual mouth taste and high blood pressure, weight loss, stomach upset, and an increased frequency of urination.

The procedure to lengthen the length of your penis can lead to a variety of adverse consequences. These include nerve damage, infections, difficulty getting an erection, and decreased sensitivities. The riskiest effect is that scarring may cause a penis to be shorter than it was.

Final Say

There may be chances that below the average penis sizes may affect your normal functioning and cause problems in your sexual life. Nevertheless, if the micro penis syndrome had been diagnosed earlier in the infancy stage, the doctor can prescribe the right treatment and avoid future complications is possible.

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