Aromatherapy massages

Premenstrual symptoms: Another benefit of activating blood circulation massage and increasing. Serotonin is that it helps women to prevent or improve massage  symptoms before menstruation.

Types of anti-stress massages

Now we are going to analyze the different types of massages for stress that offer better results:
Within the group of massages with aromatherapy, we are going to highlight the two main ones that are:
Traditional Thai massage : its goal is to maintain the flow of energy between the 10 main energy. Channels called Sen lines for which it acts on the knots that are generate in said channels. Undoing them and thus improving the well-being of both the body as of the mind.
Massage with herbal pindas: it is a 마사지 that is carry out with special cloth. Bags that include inside a treatment made up of aromatic herbs. Seeds, medicinal plants spices and essential oils. This massage helps balance energy, improves lymphatic drainage, promotes. Muscle relaxation and improves skin hydration, among many other benefits.

Oriental therapeutic massages

There are four main types of oriental therapeutic massages which are:
Balinese massage : this massage is make up of different techniques that include stretching. Kneading and acupressure, which is apply with the hands, feet and knees. Achieving very positive effects that allow everything from treating stress to migraines. Anxiety, depression, allergies, sleep disorders, joint and muscle problems or even asthma.
Foot reflexology : it is base on the stimulation of specific points that are locate on the soles of the feet. Which are connect to the glands and organs of the body.
Philippine Hilot Massage : Combines massage and religion, as prayers as well. As very specific verbal plants are add during the procedure.
Massage with hot stones : it is a massage with volcanic stones and its goal. Is to improve the state of the muscles as well as unblock the energy to improve the flow. Through the chakras, thus achieving the balance of the organism.
Facial massages
The accumulation of stress, anxiety, loss of energy. Etc are problems that are reflect in our face. And to combat them from the root and enjoy a more rejuvenated appearance. With more energy and joy, we must resort to massages. facials such as shiatsu massage .
Shiatsu has its origin in approximately 530 BC. C. in Japan, and its goal is to regulate the energy within the body. obtaining great advantages such as improving problems such as diarrhea. Indigestion, constipation, vomiting, nausea, migraines, muscle pain. Pain caused by tension or stress, circulatory problems , improves the immune system. Relieves arthritis pain, toothache, menstrual pain, fights insomnia. Anxiety and depression problems and, in short, achieves. A very much improvement both and . Premenstrual symptoms : Another benefit of activating blood circulation. And increasing serotonin is that it helps women. To prevent or improve symptomsbeforeo menstruation.

Reforms and restores muscle tone.

The skin becomes more elastic. As a result of the elimination of fatty substances by the rubbing of the hands. Omit, the absorption of substances is facilitat and there is a greater. Exchange of oxygen and nutrients, which facilitates cell regeneration.
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