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Learn to write an Effective SEO blog post in 2022? 6 Ways to write a good web article.

Article writing is a vast marketplace now. Back in the day, academic institute students used to write it for their academic purposes. Newspapers used to publish articles on current affairs. But now the scene has changed. Now, it has formed a business domain as well. Now people get paid to write, and some earn their bread and butter through writing.

Why has writing become important?

The one-word answer to this is the internet. Ask yourself, what do we do on the internet? Well, we do many things like watching videos, reading, socializing and now, work as well. And since people read on the internet, people started writing. Search engines work on algorithms. These algorithms crawl through the content and then index it. And after crawling and doing various operations, it determines which website it will put on the top. And that’s how the website’s ranked.

If a website appears high on search engines, that’s good for the owner. A business website’s owner wants it to appear on the top, so┬ávisit it and purchase. Even if it’s not an eCommerce store, and it’s a blog, it’s good. Your blog will receive traffic, and it can bring you good revenue through ads, affiliate marketing, or selling your products. This blog post will teach you to write effective blog posts that will rank high on search engines in 2022.

Moreover, if you need articles for your website to attract visitors, you can hire an expert in viral article writing. He’d write compelling SEO articles for your website to rank them on the top results page. However, don’t write clickbait heading and deceiving titles as they’d damage your reputation.

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1. Choose a topic of your interest

The first and most important thing: Decide on a topic of interest and demand by the public. However, even if it’s not in demand now, but it’s good enough to capture people’s attention, you can write on it. You can use Ubersuggest and Google keywords analysis to get keywords. Use those keywords and create a topic on them. The purpose of writing a web article is to solve people’s problems. They read it to get help with the issue they face.

Moreover, write exciting headlines. People prefer list-oriented articles more than simple paragraphs. Suppose you make content with a heading like ‘Ten ways to gain muscles fast, it will engage more than ‘How to build muscles fast in the gym.’ Search engines also prefer such titles. These title types have more user engagement and what users want is what search engines require content creators to make.

2. Keep in mind your target audience

What makes your blog post good enough if you don’t know who you are writing it for? Are you writing it for a kid below 10? Or a teenager? Or someone in their twenties or older? You need to keep that in mind. Moreover, consider the demographics of your target audience as well. You need to understand their culture, likes and dislikes, habits, and similar things. It’s necessary to know details about the readers before writing something for them. Only then can they relate to your blog posts.

3. Write long web articles

You can write for yourself or a non-SEO blog for whatever length you want. But since you are writing for business and to rank high your website, you need to follow some rules of search engines. So the search engine algorithms can help you rank your website above in search results. However, writing lengthy content doesn’t mean writing useless content only for word count purposes. Users won’t like that. And so does the search engine. Eventually, if your website ranks high, it will drop. It becomes challenging to write content that is lengthy and has quality. You might find it hard initially, but it’ll become a lot easier and more fun as you keep improving your skills. You need to write a minimum blog post of 900 words, and the more you write, the better it is.

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4. Include keywords in your content

When you write content, write it in a flow. Don’t worry about keywords. Let your creativity work there. When you finish writing a long article, now it’s time to optimize it for search engines. We suggest hiring a seo expert and asking him to read your content and use keywords in it that’ll rank it. It can bring editing in your written work since they’d use specific words in your article. However, you can learn by yourself too if you want. You can purchase many online courses to learn SEO, so you don’t have to hire someone else for this job.

5. Do internal Linking

When you write SEO-optimized blog posts on your website, you have already become successful. But you need to do other things that are factors of good SEO. Internal linking is one of those things. It means to include hyperlinks in your content about the other blog posts you write. For example, you wrote ‘Ten ways to build muscles fast,’ and you discussed diet heading in it. You can hyperlink to the blog post you wrote on a diet for bodybuilders there. It is also helpful for people as well as search engines.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest posting is the external linking method we use in SEO. In the guest posting, you write blog posts on other websites than your main websites. You write relatable articles on those websites as your main website. After that, you hyperlink your main website in those blog posts. For example, if you write on the topic ‘How to make a beautiful website in 2022’ and sell web design services on your main website, you can hyperlink your web design service page in those guest blog posts. You can also hire a guest post blogger for this purpose. Find a blogger with a good website DA and ensure he has the same niche as yours. Pitch to him if he’s willing to work with you by providing you with a link.

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