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Explainer Videos for Mobile Marketing Platform

Explainer videos are short videos that describe your products, your services, or another aspect of your business.

With the average attention span of today’s Internet users peaking at about eight seconds.

It’s more important than ever to get information across to them in as little time as possible. With explainer videos, you can do just that.

Get To Know About Mobizou

Recently, we were commissioned to put together a corporate video for the newly launched Mobizou platform.

This game-changing marketing platform promises to help small businesses.

It also give marketers a simple and streamlined way to engage potential customers and generate repeat business.

Mobizou has been designed specifically for small businesses, including restaurants and shops.

That want to connect directly with their existing customers through digital media and mobile.

Using the Mobizou platform requires no special coding skills or high degree of technology acumen.

In essence, Mobizou allows you to quickly and easily offer deals to customers to get them to come in and visit your restaurant or shop.

Mobizou will streamline your social media campaigns.

While also allowing you to utilize specially designed iOS and Android mobile apps to engage your customers directly on their smartphones.

This allows you to create long lasting customer relationships, and of course, Mobizou helps draw customers to your business.

The Future of Mobizou

By offering on-going offers and engaging with clients, you are both enticing them to swing by your shop and also giving them a strong incentive to do so.

For example, let’s say you’re running a coffee shop, and business is slow today. You could sit back and simply hope that some customers will eventually show up.

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You could also pop open your laptop and start sending out messages on your social media account.

However, the results will likely be mixed at best.

One of the best features of the Mobizou platform is that it allows shop owners to quickly and easily streamline their social media marketing efforts.

You can even use Mobizou to send offers to your social media followers on social media.

Like Facebook, Twitter, emails campaigns, Wordpress blogs, and just about every other type of social media marketing channel.

Next, you can send up-to-date and timely offers through all of your social media channels by simply logging into your Mobizou account.

Not only that, but by using geo-location, you can set the Mobizou app to work with customer’s phones to ping them whenever they walk by your restaurant.

For example, if someone happens to be walking by your coffee shop.

You could set Mobizou to alert them to a 50 percent off pastry day.

This location-based marketing technology can be highly effective.

Because customers are already near your location, so swinging by for food or coffee really isn’t going out of the way.

Explainer Videos for Mobizou

Here’s the explainer video for Mobizou by Breadbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company:

And another great feature is that you will see the results of your offers in real time.

This will allow you to monitor promotions and see which ones work best. By using Mobizou small business owners can utilize the analytics once reserved for only for the most well-funded companies.

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You will be able to see which promotions are working and which ones are being ignored. This way, you can use Mobizou to carefully analyze all of your offers and tweak them to maximize results.

All of this might sound daunting, but actually Mobizou features a very easy and intuitive system that just about any one can navigate.

If you have the computer know-how to use a Facebook account or Gmail.

You will be able to get the hang of Mobizou.

The entire platform interface has been designed specifically to meet the needs.

Also the desires of small business owners and is optimized to increase sales.

For a low monthly fee, you can sign up for Mobizou and start to optimize your marketing and promotion efforts!

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