Kannur: A Best Places to Visit in India

Kannur: In Details

Kannur district makes up one 14 districts that lie along the west coast of the Indian state of Kerala, India. Its town Kannur is the district’s headquarters and is the place that gives it its district name. The name that was used in the past, Cannanore is the anglicized version of the Malayalam name “Kannur”.

Kannur district is bordered by Kasaragod District to the north, Kozhikode district to the south along with Wayanad District to the southeast. As a result, the east the district is bordering the Western Ghats, which forms the border between Karnataka State. Karnataka (Kodagu district). Therefore, It’s the Arabian Sea lies to the west. Paithalmala is considered to be the most affluent point of the Kannur District (1,372m).

The southern portion of the district lies the Mahe district in the Union Territory of Puducherry. So, the district was created in the year 1957. Kannur is the sixth-highest developing district of Kerala with over 50 percent of its inhabitants who reside in the urban area. Kannur has a total of 1,212,898, making it the second-largest in Kerala following that of the Ernakulam district.

Population in Kannur

Based on the census in 2011, Kannur district is home to 2 525,637 people living there. which gives it a rank 170th within India (out of an overall 640). The district is home to a density of 852 people per square km (2,210/sq. miles). So, the growth rate for the population in the decade of 2001-2011 was 4.84 percent. Therefore, Kannur has the highest ratio of sex, which is 1133 females to 1000 males, which is the highest of districts in India as well as a literacy rate of 95.41 percent.

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Kannur has a total number that is 2,412,365 (2001 Census). This was the most popular district of Kerala in 2001, however it was reducing to 4th position following Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kozhikode in the year 2011. The district is home to 50.35 percent of the inhabitants are in urban areas. Hence,  The population of the total urban area of Kannur district is 1,212,898. This is the second-highest metropolitan population of Kerala following Ernakulam and is higher than the metro city. Also, read Best Places to Visit in India


Kannur was a significant trading hub during the middle of the century with active connections with Persia as well as Arabia. It was also the British India’s military headquarters on the west coast from 1887 until then. Together with its sister city, Tellicherry, so, it was the third-largest city along the west shores in British India in the 18th century, after Bombay as well as Karachi.

St. Angelo Fort was constructing around 1505 under Dom Francisco de Almeida, As a result. The first Portuguese Viceroy of India. The Dutch capturing the fort from the Portuguese in 1663. Therefore. They renovate the fort and constructing Bastions Hollandia, Zeelandia and Friesland. Which form the principal elements of the current structure. The initial Portuguese fort destroys afterward. Thus, A drawing of the fort, as well as the fishing boat that lies behind it is on display inside the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

The Dutch gave the fort away to king Ali Raja of Arakkal in 1772. So, The British defeate it in 1790, and it was used as one of their most important military posts in the Malabar Coast. Hence, The 17th century saw Kannur serving as the capital of the sole Muslim Sultanate in the Malabar region. Referring to as Arakkal. The time of the British Raj, Kannur was part of the Madras province, which was locating in the North Malabar District.

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Kannur is known for its Theyyam performance in the temples. This extraordinary art form plays an integral role in the cultural life of this Northern Kerala district. It was once call as  Cannanore, Marco Polo christen Kannur as the “Great Emporium of Spice Trade’. Kannur has, from time long ago, been celebrating as a major seaport. Therefore, so it is a legend that says it was involving in trade and connections with all over the globe. From the times of King Solomon through its current era of Greeks, Arabs and Romans. There is a number of places to visit in Kannur like temples, forts wildlife sanctuaries and beaches that are regularly visiting by tourists. Therefore, they are major festivals and events all year round and it is one of the top locations in Kerala to enjoy your holiday in.

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