Is QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File? Try These Solutions

It is important to back up your company files and save the data loss, and you are required to do so once in a while. But while backing up the company file, few users reported an error where the backup gets failed. To resolve this error, we have provided comprehensive details such as what factors matter while backing up the data in QuickBooks like the QuickBooks version, the integrity of the data, etc., and what steps the user can take to save the backup. We discuss the “QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File” error in this blog, so keep following the blog if you are struggling with the same issue.

If you have problems related to QuickBooks, its errors, or other glitches, then you should seek help from the QuickBooks Service Support team at +1-855-856-0042, which provides accessible and accurate solutions to the user’s problem.

Know the reasons why the backup of the company file fails

Now before learning to troubleshoot this error, it is important for the users to understand why this error occurs in the first place. When you know the reasons, you realize the basics of the solution. Let us enumerate the causing factors:

1. You must have the latest update of the QuickBooks Desktop. If you are still using an outdated version, you can encounter the error.
2. If the company file you are trying to back up has any sort of integrity threat, like damages, or corruption, then the backup will fail.

These two were the issues that majorly caused the error in QuickBooks company file backup. Read the following subheading to figure out your way with it.

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How to finish the backup of the company file without an error?

There are a variety of solutions that a user can pick from, like updating QuickBooks, setting new admin, finding and repairing the damage in the company file, etc. So let us start with the easiest and most effective solution:

Solution: Run the Rebuild and Verify Utility tool

When damage or slight bugs are detected in the data of the company file, the backup process is obstructed. Now, how can you verify and rebuild or repair or fix the data? See here how to implement the Rebuild and Verify Utility tool.

1. Reopen the company file that you wish to backup.
2. Navigate to the File menu, choose Utilities. Then, click Rebuild Data.
3. Now, in the QuickBooks Information window, select OK.
4. Let the repair get completed; once it is, press OK.
5. Now, once again, go to the File menu and hit Utilities.
6. Select Verify Data.
7. If there is no issue found by QuickBooks in the company file, click OK. If there is an error, click Rebuild Now.

This solution will resolve your problem and if you still face the same error, consider setting a different Admin user on your computer system.


This blog is intended to be helpful to the users who seek to understand and resolve the error- “QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File.” It brought forth why QuickBooks doesn’t let company file back up. In case of further queries or doubts, reach out to the QuickBooks Service Support team by calling +1-855-856-0042.

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