Internet Not Working? What should one do?

Do you want to solve the problem of the Internet Not Working? Do you have a full house that is working, gaming, streaming, and binge-watching news simultaneously? Your Wi-Fi may stop operating for a variety of reasons. If you’re experiencing lags, the issue may be with your connectivity. This might be especially aggravating when you’re attempting to perform work on your computer or laptop while using the internet. You might be able to fix the problem yourself, but it’s more likely that it’s due to a problem with your service provider. Before calling your Internet Provider, try these simple router troubleshooting solutions to get back online. For more related articles visit internet providers in Florida.

Check it on another device.

First of all, you have to check that the problem is confined to one device or affects all of your devices? If your computer isn’t working, investigate if you can access the internet using a tablet or someone else’s laptop. If the problem is limited to a single device, you can safely isolate the issue to that device.

Open another website

It’s possible that the issue isn’t with your internet connection at all. Suppose you’re having trouble accessing a website. It could just be a problem with that website. If one website fails to load, try another one. If you can access other websites without issue, the issue is most likely with the website you’re attempting to access, and you’ll have to wait for them to resolve the issue on their end. To see if there’s a known service outage, type the website’s address into downforeveryoneorjustme.com or downdetector.com.

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Make sure there isn’t any internet outage in your area.

If you can still get online with one device, you should check if your location is experiencing an internet outage. This will tell you if the issue is with your network or something you can’t fix on your own. Enter “outage map” and the name of your internet service provider (ISP). You might also want to phone your ISP to see an outage in your region. If they can offer any assistance in getting your Wi-Fi back up and running.

Check whether your router is working or not.

Symbols and lights on each router have slightly varied meanings. Look up the purposes of these symbols in the documentation that came with your router, but pay special attention to the one that indicates an internet connection. If this light is off, then simply turn on the light. Your internet connection will start working. 

Restart your Router

Hardware on the network can and does fail from time to time. This is especially prevalent if the router, switch, or modem becomes too hot to handle and isn’t properly vented. One option is to correctly power-cycle the hardware: Switch any network equipment off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it on again.

While 30 seconds is excessive, it will ensure that the gadget is completely discharged and restarted “from cold.” Most routers take 30 seconds to a minute to reset and become operational, so be sure you wait long enough before giving up and attempting something else.

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Remove any obstructions that are interfering with your Wi-Fi signal.

It’s possible that your Wi-Fi isn’t working because your router is in an inconvenient place. Ensure your router is in a central location to obtain the best Wi-Fi signal. Avoid placing your router near other electrical devices or metal objects that interfere with your Wi-Fi connection.

Connect to your Internet Provider

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t connect to the internet, it’s time to contact your service provider. A new connection at the pole coming into your property or new equipment, such as a stronger modem or an amplifier, may be required if the fault is on their end.

If you’re suffering slowdowns at specific times of the day (such as after school), it’s conceivable that your ISP cannot handle the additional user traffic, in which case you should look for a new provider.

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