How to Prepare for Desert Safari Dubai?

A Dubai tourism is incomplete without experiencing a desert safari tour. Which is a crazy blend of adventure and entertainment. However, UAE has an extremely beautiful Sahara desert, which gives numerous photography opportunities. Whether while experiencing thrilling sand activities, wearing Arabic costumes, chilling at the Bedouin camp and enjoying a traditional BBQ buffet with Arabic coffee, tea or soft drinks. To make your dreams come to true Happy Desert Safari brings unlimited opportunities to enjoy your best trip via But as you know before experiencing some preparations are must which make your travel perfect and memorable with your loved ones.

Such as it’s very important what timing of desert safari tour you choose. If the timing is as per your requirements and desired services. Then the trip is worthful for you otherwise waste of money and time. So before discussing the preparations, let you guys know one thing. If you enjoy the desert safari in Dubai at economical rates, then you must try an evening tour. If you want to explore only major activities due to a shortage of time, you may go on the morning tour. Or if you desire a night stay in the Arabian desert, then there is nothing beautiful than an overnight tour. Here we will discuss some informational tips, which surely make your Dubai trip lifetime memorable.

Preparations For Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Avoid Over Eating Before Dune Bashing:

As you know overeating will make your stomach upset. Where dune bashing ride feels like an insane rollercoaster, makes the person up down with the 360-degree direction. That’s the reason do not overeat right before experiencing dune bashing, otherwise, the conclusion will be ended up with vomiting. Also, you can grab your best dune bashing ride on Where the adventurous ride will be provided with complete safety and security.

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2. The Selection of Dress Code:

Before exploring anything, it’s very important what are you wearing. It reflects your personality, which makes you comfortable throughout the journey. When you will prepare for desert safari Dubai, make sure to wear light weighted and coloured clothes as Dubai is the hottest city. However, keep an extra shawl or light upper with you as you might be faced cold at nighttime.

3. Make a Use of Sunscreen:

As you will experience outdoor sand activities or photosession, must apply sunscreen on your skin especially on face. It keeps you secured from any skin problems. Like acne, allergy, sevious sun tan etc. Besides, make a proper use of hat/cap or sunglasses.

4. Footwear Selection:

As you know, it’s hard to walk or run on the sand. Make a useful selection of your footwear, like avoid high heels. Make a selection of shoes or flip flops. Which stop sand to enter in your feet and gives you comfortable walking.

5. Bring Some Cash Money:

If you’re a card person and make tour payment via credit card, Debit card or Bank transfer. Then you’re advised to bring some cash money along with your cards. Because the shops in the camp are not accepted card payment. So if you bring some cash, you’re eligible to buy light food and art from shops and bring your home as a memory.

6. Must Bring Camera or Smart Phone:

In 21st century, no outing is completed with clicking candidate pictures, uploaded on social media and gain tons of likes and positive comments. So continue and enjoy this trend, do not forget to bring Camera or Smart phone to capture your lovely memories with your loved ones.

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7. Avoid Bring Expensive Accessories:

Do not bring expensive jewllery, watch or any expensive thing or lots of cash money with you. As there is high chance of stealing or loosing things in a crowded place.

So i hope you got these things and belive me you desert safari tour will be perfect and memoreable. If you follow these tips.

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