How to move a mattress securely?

If you’re thinking of moving very soon, the question of moving your mattress should be a big part of your mind. You don’t move a mattress like you move other furniture. It requires a rather unique method. Here are some tips for easily moving your mattress.

Step 1: Remember to cover your mattress

This is the basis before moving a mattress. To do this, get a mattress moving cover. You can easily find it in stores near you or on the internet, e.g., you can get it from Britwrap. This tool is often sold by stores specializing in the sale of moving or furnishing items.

The mattress cover will serve to protect your furniture from dirt and stains during its move.

Step 2: Avoid bending your mattress

To move your mattress, you must be careful with its handling. For example, folding the mattress in half could damage the foam or the coils inside. The materials could even be displaced or deformed. Therefore, it is not recommended to fold your mattress or tie it too tightly. Instead, keep it upright and ask for help if needed to carry it to the vehicle.

Step 3: Clear a path to the truck

It is vital to make sure that the path leading to the truck is clear before moving the mattress. To do this, remember to remove furniture and boxes that would obstruct the passage. Also, keep the doors open, so you don’t have to open them every time you have the mattress in your hands. Choose a specific route if there are many. Finally, remember to inform the person who helps you carry the mattress.

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Step 4: Get help

It is more practical to move your mattress with the help of a friend or neighbor. However, even if your mattress seems light, it is not recommended to move it alone. You will thus avoid incidents such as injuries to the back or to the legs.

To move your mattress as a team, you have to determine everyone’s orientation. Then, each mover will lift the mattress at one end and, at the same time, evenly distribute the weight. Afterward, you can follow the previously established route. Above all, avoid lifting the mattress with your back.

Step 5: Transporting the mattress

It is the last stage of your move. To avoid damaging your furniture during transport:

  • Place it vertically instead of putting it flat in the truck.
  • Hold it still with a solid elastic rope.
  • Keep in mind that a mattress carried sideways may fold in the middle or sag.
  • Remember to tie it securely to prevent it from flying off along the way.
  • It could injure pedestrians or cause extensive damage on public roads.

If your mattress is too heavy, avoid putting it on top of other objects inside the truck. If your vehicle is not filled with furniture, hold the mattress against one of the walls with tie-down straps. Usually, you will find metal bars or cuffs on the walls of moving vehicles to attach the straps to. To find out more about buying mattress online check out Chiropedic.


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